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BuyInsulationOnline.co.uk Supports the British Government’s £1 Billion ECO+ Energy Initiative to Save Householder Bills

Last updated Thursday, December 1, 2022 22:04 ET , Source: Buy Insulation Online

Buy Insulation Online Ltd is delighted to endorse the UK Government announcement this week, part funding the install of home insulation to save millions of pounds across the country each year.

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Buy Insulation Online Ltd announced that they are in full support of the government’s ECO+ energy initiative this week. The British government’s latest energy initiative aims to stop energy waste and lower the cost of energy bills, saving individuals money during these difficult financial times.

BuyInsulationOnline.co.uk is a home insulation industry leader. The company sells a full range of insulation products online including loft insulation, duct insulation and pipe insulation to customers across the United Kingdom, and offers a range of brands with everything a homeowner or building contractor needs to install high-quality insulation into existing or new homes.

The new scheme will provide £1 billion in aid and provide thousands of homes in the UK new insulation material. The new insulation could save homeowners around £310 per year.

Millions of pounds are wasted each year due to homes in the United Kingdom being energy inefficient. Poor levels of insulation prevent homes from retaining heat, allowing it to escape, and homeowners are left with larger energy bills.

The UK includes thousands of older homes, and many of these dwellings are poorly insulated. While some homes have outdated insulation, others have no insulation whatsoever. Heat and energy can easily escape without proper insulation.

A home loses 25% of its heat through the roof if it is uninsulated. Many homeowners simply turn their heating up or leave heating on to make-up for the lost heat, increasing their already rising energy bills.

According to the CEO, adding new insulation to a home’s loft or attic can provide significant savings on energy bills. Buying insulation online from BuyInsulationOnline.co.uk is quick and easy. Once it arrives, contractors or even homeowners can install it in no time and immediately feel the benefits.

“Buying insulation online as a part of the new ECO+ scheme will help UK homes become more energy efficient,” Samuel Hitch, CEO and Managing Director of Buy Insulation Online Ltd said. “Millions of pounds and energy are wasted each year across the UK. It is simple to install new insulation, and its addition to the attic, roof, or loft of a home can make a major difference for residents.”

Hitch previously appeared on BBC Radio Stoke to provide tips on insulating homes. He hopes UK residents will join the ECO+ scheme to better fortify their homes with insulation.

Buy Insulation Online fully supports the all-new ECO+ scheme and has everything needed for insulation projects large and small with fast and free UK delivery. Learn more about BuyInsulationOnline.co.uk from the company’s official website. 

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