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Sweethaus.com Acquires Jenniferbakes.com, Welcomes Readers

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Sweethaus.com is pleased to share that they have acquired Jenniferbakes.com and welcomes all their readers to this newly updated website and to be a part of the ever-growing community of bakers and baking enthusiasts. From an amateur baker to a professional baker and everyone in between, there is nothing more satisfying than creating a cake. Why creating? Creating involves many creative things, from designing the cake to getting the ingredients right, baking the cake to finishing it off with beautiful accents. A baker needs to be creative from start to finish to get the desired results. Baking is a perfect amalgamation of science and art. Sometimes even the simplest of cakes made using the simplest of ingredients might taste incredible.


And sometimes even the most beautiful cake using exotic ingredients could taste terrible. It is very easy to go wrong with a lot of things when it comes to baking. Sweethaus.com is a place where readers can discover all those tips, tricks, and different ways to bake unforgettable cakes for friends and family. People might want new recipes to try out as the holidays are fast approaching. And this is probably the right time to do a test batch of whatever the dessert menu is going to be for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Some delicious cake and cupcake recipes are lined up for all kinds of bakers, from beginners to pros and occasional bakers.

Discover the most indulgent chocolate cupcake recipes which will be crowd-pleasers at the dinner table. Starting with the German Chocolate Cupcakes, one should know specific facts about the German chocolate cake itself. As convincing as the name might sound, this cake never originated in Germany, instead, it was first created in 1852 in America by baker Samuel German, an American. It might be less indulgent than its counterparts, but the secret ingredients, i.e., buttermilk and coconut pecan frosting, make it more flavorful. And then there are popular cupcake recipes such as Oreo cupcakes and Black Bottom cupcakes.

Readers can also discover the best cakes perfectly suitable for occasions such as baby showers, birthdays, and dinner parties. For those who want to make some fun cupcakes, here are a few great ideas that the author presents. Mermaid cupcakes, dinosaur cupcakes, superhero cupcakes, Easter cupcakes, Halloween cupcakes, thanksgiving cupcakes, and Christmas cupcakes are a few popular options featured here along with detailed recipes. Being a baker comes with a lot of responsibility, and one has to take care of certain things to meet special requests such as gluten-free or vegan. Readers can also find information on how to make the best vegan cakes without sweating it out.

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