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New Free Insulation Grant Opportunities For A Wider Range of UK Households

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Helping UK Citizens Get Free Insulation Grants, Improve Energy Efficiency in their Homes and Reduce Energy Bills

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Free Insulation Grants, the top resource for insulation grants in the UK, is pleased to invite households to see if they can share in new grant funding to insulate their homes. This online resource centre for insulation grants has been helping UK citizens get free insulation grants to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and reduce their energy bills. The latest buzz from the industry is about the new scheme called “ECO Plus” which will be launched in early 2023. This scheme is backed by £1 billion funding to assist “middle-income families” improve their homes’ efficiency. The grant will help up to 70,000 households in the UK. Earlier this month, Guardian, Sky News, BBC, Reuters, and other major broadcasting channels aired the news about the new upcoming scheme.

Free Insulation Scheme
Free Insulation Scheme

Homeowners can save £100s each year with home insulation and access £1000s in free grants to insulate their homes. Free grants can cover the full insulation cost and pay 0% VAT on installation. Insulation grants are already available for all eligible households under ECO4 Scheme backed by the government, with funding coming in from major energy providers in the UK. British Gas, Npower, SSE, EDF Plus, E.ON, etc. are a few. The scheme aims at encouraging homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, reduce their carbon footprint and make savings on their yearly heating bills. Other income-based benefits include income support and Jobseekers allowance, among many others.

The current ECO4 scheme also proposes that people who were previously excluded and couldn’t receive the benefits; can now apply and qualify for the home insulation grant, especially if they fall under a low-income household. Loft insulation grants are also targeted for homes under the bands E, F, or G of their EPC or Energy Performance Certificate. To be eligible for the grant under the ECO scheme, individuals must own a home or have the landlord’s permission for rental property. Insulation installers will need access to the loft to complete the work. Lofts with more than 100mm loft insulation will be excluded from the scheme. To qualify for a loft insulation grant under the ECO scheme, the household needs to be under £31,000 income or less. One of the household members needs to receive benefits such as JSA, ESA, Income support, WTC, CTC, UC, Housing Benefit, Pension Credit, Child Benefit, andUniversal Credit.

The ECO+ scheme, announced in late November, extends support to hundreds of thousands of households in energy inefficient homes in lower Council Tax bands, in an attempt to help some of the most vulnerable bring down their energy costs - at a time when bills are at unprecedented levels. The announcement of the ECO+ funding is good news for households who may not previously have been eligible for government support to upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes with insulation.

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Free Insulation Scheme is a trusted company with several years of experience in the home insulation industry. Specializing in Green and Renewable Energy Solutions, this company has been helping customers gain access to free grants and properly insulate their properties. They also offer comprehensive services by helping customers find partner installers who are fully trained, certified, and accredited. The company also assists homeowners with funding information about government-backed initiatives such as Renewable Heat Incentive, ECO, Green Deal, and Clean Heat Grants.



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