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Tourism activities pick up in Munnar after two years after Pandemic

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Tourism activities pick up in Munnar after two years after Pandemic

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 Tourism activities in Munnar have gradually been recovering from the devastating floods that occurred in 2018 and pandemic in 2020. The state was hit by one of its worst natural disasters, which left many people homeless and without food in 2018 and pandemic in 2020 which impacted hospitality industry for two years.

This new year, the hill stations of Munnar and Wayanad in Kerala are witnessing a steady rise in the number of visitors. This is because both these places provide a perfect getaway for people looking for some peace and serenity after the pandemic years. There is a lot more to see in Kerala than just beaches and backwaters and Munnar is one of the most popular destinations in Kerala.

Munnar is a neat and clean colonial town with brightly painted buildings, which carry their own charm. Old Munnar is in the heart of the town and features resorts, hotels, and villas to let tourists get a magnificent view of the tea estates here. Modern Munnar features a collection of vast tea estates and cardamom plantations on rolling hills. Munnar offers luxury and a tryst with nature at its best.

Munnar is the most popular hill station among tourists from all over India. It has lush green tea plantations, beautiful waterfalls and scenic beauty. There are also many resorts that offer luxury accommodation options to tourists.

Wayanad on the other hand is famous for its dense forests, deep valleys and picturesque waterfalls.

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