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ENGAIZ launches OPEN3PRX™ for Cyber Insurance to help insurers and brokers in their underwriting and enable sales.

Last updated Tuesday, January 31, 2023 05:05 ET , Source: ENGAIZ

A platform that helps insurers and brokers monitor technology risk of insured companies, feed into underwriting, enable cyber insurance sales and help the insured companies improve risk posture.

Toronto, Canada, 01/31/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

ENGAIZ a North American technology start-up with offices in Toronto, New York and Bangalore today announced the launch of its Cyber Insurance solution for insurers and brokers to help them gain confidence in underwriting, monitor the insured portfolio and improve the overall risk posture.

With cyber attacks on the rise, businesses more than ever need Cyber Insurance coverage to protect them from financial losses. On the other hand, insurers and brokers need to find more innovative ways to assess and continuously monitor their insured portfolio.

Recent pandemic and global events have seen a significant rise in cyber attacks putting tremendous stress on companies. Both the insurer and the insured need to work closely to mitigate cyber risks” says Jai Chinnakonda, Founder & CEO of ENGAIZ. He further added “OPEN3PRX™ for Cyber Insurance provides the tools needed to help insurers, brokers and the insured jointly mitigate risk.

ENGAIZ solution is widely available to North American insurers and brokers. In India, ENGAIZ has recently signed a strategic partnership with Raghnall Insurance Broking & Risk Management. Raghnall is India’s leading insurance broking and risk advisory company and curates the finest personal and corporate cyber insurance in the market from top insurance companies.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ENGAIZ to strengthen our cyber insurance offering. With this partnership, businesses can now have peace of mind knowing that their cyber security is constantly being monitored and any vulnerabilities are addressed in real-time. Together, we are committed to helping businesses safeguard their assets and protect their reputation." says Amit Goel, Principal Officer and Director at Raghnall Insurance Broking & Risk Management.

From providing risk intelligence, automated risk assessments, helping insured companies improve their risk posture, OPEN3PRX™ provides organizations with the most comprehensive risk management solution.

For a limited time, insurers and brokers will be able to subscribe to OPEN3PRX™ and avail special discounts. ENGAIZ OPEN3PRX™ offers the following solutions.

- OPEN3PRX™ for Cyber Insurance – For insurers, brokers and the insured.

- OPEN3PRX™ for Risk Intelligence & Monitoring - Analyzes 100+ data elements and provides a comprehensive report on businesses across 195 countries.

- OPEN3PRX™ for Third Party Risks – A fully automated and cost-effective third-party risk management solution for any sized organization.

- OPEN3PRX™ for Certifications - For tech startups, small and medium enterprises looking to improve their risk posture, comply with industry regulations or standards and fast track journey to attaining SOC 2 or ISO 27001 certification.

    About ENGAIZ Inc.

    ENGAIZ is a proud technology startup that firmly believes that effective Human-Led engagement powered by AI-Driven technologies can help enterprises build lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with their third-parties.

    From providing risk intelligence, automated risk assessment, helping third-parties improve their risk posture to promoting sustainable development goals, OPEN3PRX™ provides organizations with the most comprehensive third-party risk management solution.

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    ENGAIZ Inc.

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