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Holiday Swap Group strengthens advisory board with the appointment of William Kronenberg III

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Holiday Swap Group strengthens advisory board with the appointment of William Kronenberg III

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As Holiday Swap continues to expand globally and be recognised as one of the forefront platforms in providing accommodation around the world, they are pleased to announce William Kronenberg III as a significant shareholder, along with his new appointment on the company’s advisory board.

Mr Kronenberg III will bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, particularly dedicating his time to the insurance aspect of Holiday Swap Group across his verticals.

William Kronenberg III states:

“I am excited and honoured to be involved with Holiday Swap Group and the company’s expansion in the aviation sector. The company is led by smart, energetic, and innovative people bringing their forward-looking thinking to industries in the travel marketplace. The creative concepts they have developed and are implementing will bring the joy of travel to broader, younger, and more diverse segments of the world’s population, thus encouraging communication and cultural exchange around the globe. This is literally a company that’s going places and I’m happy to be along for the ride.”

Holiday Swap is a multi-award-winning home exchange platform operating in 184 countries around the world. The Holiday Swap app allows users to swap, or instantly book,their homes with others around the world, significantly reducing one of the largest costs of travel which is accommodation.

Holiday Swap is an unconventional solution that provides a highly affordable accommodation option for travellers, whilst continuing to disrupt the travel industry and change how people travel. With the way things are developing, the company is poised to grow exponentially through the years. Soon, the company envisions having over 50 million users in every country by continuously helping innovate the travel industry through social and practical endeavours.

Holiday Swap Group also has significant interest in aviation assets.

Mr Kronenberg III, who currently resides in Pennsylvania, began his early insurance career with AIG in 1975. He later went on to become the CEO and President of ECS, Inc from 1985 until it’s acquisition in 1999. During this time Mr Kronenberg III established ECS International, a London-based subsidiary and first environmental insurance underwriter in Europe.

Mr Kronenberg III is a former director of QBE North America, part of QBE, an international insurer and reinsurer with a local presence in 27 countries. He currently serves as the principal owner of Fresh Start Development Co., LLC, an investment, and real estate development firm, and currently serves as a director of various non-profit organisations.

Mr Kronenberg III is considered an extremely skilfulbusinessman with invaluable and comprehensive experience in his area of expertise.

Holiday Swap founder and Chief Executive Officer, James Asquith states:

“I am thrilled to have William onboard as a shareholder and as a member of our advisory board. He has distinguished himself throughout his career, and his vast knowledge and wealth of experience as an industry expert is exemplary. William brings onboard more than 45 years of advisory expertise and offers unequalled credibility in his field. He is a fantastic match for our company and for our company’s ethos and philosophy as well with his philanthropic work. Right now, with the devastating disaster in Turkey and Syria we are working very hard to house families and I’m extremely proud of our team on the ground in Turkey, working day and night, to help those in need and delivering supplies.”

Mr Kronenberg III’s philanthropic work includes organising The John Lazarich Foundation in 1997 in honour and memory of his maternal grandfather. The mission behind the Foundation is to provide financial support to local charitable organisations that predominantly seek to improve the lives of economically, physically, and mentally disadvantaged children and young adults, as well as those that seek to improve the quality of their environment through research and education.

Since its inception, and under Mr Kronenberg III’s leadership and guidance, the John Lazarich Foundation has provided grants totalling over $7 million to over 100 charitable organisations. Mr Kronenberg III has also given his time and counsel to several non-profit organisations over the years and recently organised Gateway Housing Group which combats homelessness in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

Learn more about Holiday Swap by visiting their website: www.holidayswap.com

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