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The Gold Group Named a Top Agency to Watch Out For in 2023 by REDx Magazine

Last updated Monday, February 20, 2023 21:20 ET , Source: REDx Magazine

RedxMagazine, (an online publication covering entertainment and entrepreneurs), recently announced The Gold Group as top agency to watch out for in 2023.

Los Angeles, CA, 02/20/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

REDx magazine called The Gold Group, “..a leader in the marketing, promotion, and production of ticketed events and experiences”, recognizing and awarding them for their dedication to creating unique and comprehensive marketing tactics that consistently produce positive outcomes for all their clients, ticketed and experiential entities.

TGG CEO Ari Gold says “We all work hard, and when you work hard you eat well, and it’s great to get some recognition of our dedicated efforts”

The REDx article acknowledged that The Gold Group has represented some of the most iconic brands globally, and that their comprehensive marketing tactics have been instrumental in helping their clients achieve increased attendance and revenue generation.

The award highlights The Gold Group's commitment to creating experiences that entertain, engage, enlighten, or educate visitors has set them apart as an industry leader.

“This recognition from RedxMagazine is a well-deserved validation of The Gold Group's hard work and commitment to their clients.” says CEO Ari Gold

"Our team is dedicated to delivering successful outcomes for our clients through innovative marketing strategies that provide unique experiences. We are thrilled to be recognized by RedxMagazine as a top agency to watch out for in 2023," said The Gold Group's CEO.

As a recognized agency in the marketing space, The Gold Group's continued dedication to innovation and excellence may ensure that their position as a leader in the industry continues to be recognized. For more information on The Gold Group and their innovative marketing strategies, visit their website at www.goldgroup.com.

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