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Kedra Flowers, CPA Unveils her Secret to Success as a Black Woman, Business Owner and Coach

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Kedra Flowers is a CPA, Black woman, entrepreneur and coach. She is well-known as a tax subject matter expert.

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Kedra Anderson had many strikes against her growing up. She had undiagnosed ADHD and Asperger’s, and was an African American woman. Due to lack of education, the traits she exhibited were considered rebellion, anger and inability to commit. However, she never let these factors hold her back. Raised by her grandparents as her mother traveled the world due to her job as a program analyst, Kedra never lacked the courage or the confidence to forge ahead. She had her heart set on medical school but while she was in college, her mother’s illness motivated her to switch tracks and become a CPA as med school seemed to be too expensive and time-consuming. Being detail-oriented and a good communicator, she quickly became successful in her chosen career after getting her masters degree in Accounting, specializing in Tax Law and Tax Research.

She is a serial entrepreneur who has founded multiple businesses, with the first being a storefront accessory store in college. Kedra has always been inspired to create new businesses and inventions, and believes that even though many have failed, it was through those failures that she learned the biggest lessons. In addition to her self-named CPA Firm, Confidential Tax Relief, she also runs Dreams Fulfilled Coaching which provides business coaching services for entrepreneurs and professional training programs to put entrepreneurs on the success track.

Based on recent statistics, Black female CPAs account for less than 9% of all employed CPAs in America. The statistics for Black-woman-owned Firms are dramatically less.

In discussing how she found her niche in tax relief, the Founder of Kedra A Flowers CPA PC, “As part of our graduate school program, we were part of the low-income tax clinic where we helped taxpayers understand and resolve any difficulties with their taxes. I realized that it was people in this segment who were affected most by such issues. Owing the IRS and seeing the daily penalties and interest compound can cause sleepless nights and a lot of emotional distress. This can prove to be a real drain on not just the finances within the household but can be the breakdown of relationships, both marital and business. This is what led me to delve deeper into exploring tax relief and helping consumers and businesses with their tax issues.

There are many regulations and acts, especially in the wake of the pandemic, which can be highly confusing even to accounting professionals. So, we can only imagine what the situation of the common man would be. Many tax relief measures given by the government such as the Employee Retention Credit are available only for a limited period. I don’t want anyone to miss out on what is essentially a refund of wages paid during the pandemic, due to a lack of awareness.”

Kedra’s passion for educating and ensuring that the information that is often lost in translation between CPAs and clients is lessened on her watch. She drafts and designs continuing education courses for tax professionals, posts regular tax updates on social media and continues to coach and mentor up-and-coming CPAs as more minority and women-owned practitioners come on the scene.

Kedra has been featured regularly as a tax subject matter expert on NBC 5 News DFW and has contributed content to minority-owned legacy newspaper publications including The North Dallas Gazette and The Dallas Examiner.

Concluded Kedra Flowers, “This being Black History month, I think it is important for other black women out there to know that if you are strong and confident and dare to dream big, it is possible to achieve whatever you can envision. I had many setbacks in my life and they will continue, but so will I. Today, I am the owner of a successful business that was WBENC (Women Business Enterprise National Council) certified in 2022 as one of few certified black-woman-owned CPA Firms catering to both individual consumers and companies.”

She adds, “There are no rewards, without risks and I’ve taken many. But in exchange, I’ve gained something more precious than money, that time with family, time to share what I’ve learned, and time to share with the woman who follows behind me. Fear never goes away. You have to put it on your shoulders and keep walking. Then and only then, you will achieve your dreams.”

About Kedra A Flowers CPA PC

Kedra A Flowers CPA PC has been providing tax relief services since 1996. The company was set up by Kedra Flowers with the goal of helping people to attain financial freedom and peace of mind through the provision of proper guidance on all tax-related matters ranging from the resolution of back tax issues to strategies for future tax optimization. Services include preparation of delinquent tax returns, IRS audit representation, negotiation of IRS settlements, and IRS tax liens & levies.

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