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BenefitRFP Announces their Wealth Management Tools for Companies Seeking Optimized Solutions for Executive Benefits

Last updated Monday, February 27, 2023 10:03 ET , Source: BenefitRFP

BenefitRFP’s AI-powered solutions include a benefitHEATMAP™ comparing different insurance products tailored to a client’s information.

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BenefitRFP has unveiled advanced AI-powered wealth management solutions for companies that are seeking guidance regarding commercial insurance, general liabilities, executive benefits, general pensions, taxes and other related aspects. This technology combined with their international award-winning (International Trade Council Award for Top Service) service provides business with top end-to-end service.

Said Bob Neinaber, CEO of BenefitRFP, “Conventionally, companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on different solutions. Using our services, clients get access to a single platform where they can access a variety of wealth management tools for a one time fee. They can start with our free diagnostic tool, and that is how 70% of our clients come to us. The benefitDIAGNOSTIC™ tool provides them with an overview of the different options for retirement, attaining financial goals and savings. Based on the answers we receive from the live diagnostic, which assesses all aspects of their business, we are able to guide them on the plan that will work best for them. We can then progress to the benefitMATRIX™ which clearly outlines the most suitable plans with optimal funding options in terms that are easily understood. Our products and services are fully compliant with department of labor regulations, ERISA, and tax codes and this is why we have a track record of zero lawsuits or customer complaints. We firmly believe that wealth management plans should never be a cost without a profit attached.”

BenefitRFP has used its technological expertise to develop a benefitHEATMAP™ that compares different insurance products and investments based on the client’s information. This proved to be a gamechanger in the financial services industry providing significant savings to clients in their annual plan audits. Nienaber recounts how a first-time audit plan of a small company can help return about two million dollars to its shareholders,with this increasing to five million dollars for a mid-size organization, and opening up limitless opportunities for larger firms.

Concluded Bob Nienaber, “We make it possible for companies to manage their wealth effectively regarding this topic so that they can use benefit plans to add additional benefits from these profits or give the money back to the owner’s or shareholder’s.”

BenefitRFP’s benefitCONCIERGE™ plan helps individuals and companies work on retirement planning while benefitRFP’s online asset value tool, which is the world’s largest of its type, can be used to assess the value of the business. These tools can play a key role in devising a more effective succession plan and or for planning strategies in the case of a merger or acquisition.

From the first conversation with clients, benefitRFP’s entire process is seamless and straightforward, with the client getting access to all plans and products online. This eliminates time needed for lengthy and tedious paperwork. Over the years, benefitRFP has assisted clients in saving millions of dollars by providing them with the right benefit planning and wealth management tools. Clients get access to the expert guidance and the tools they need to build their own customized benefit plans based on their goals whether they are large, small, public, private, or not for profit organizations.

About BenefitRFP

BenefitRFP is one of the leading service providers in the executive benefits business for savvy individuals, forward-thinking businesses, and top financial advisors in today’s competitive market. The firm uses cutting edge tools to help clients and consultants develop planning solutions for benefit plans geared to their company-specific needs. BenefitRFP combines innovative financial technology with the best-in-class practice management to provide a comprehensive overview for success.

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