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How To Increase The Number Of Real Instagram Followers and Likes

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As you're scrolling through your favorite influencer's feeds, you’re probably wondering, how did they get all these followers and Likes on Instagram?

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1. Introduction

    As you're scrolling through your favorite influencer's feeds, you’re probably wondering, how did they get all these followers and Likes on Instagram? The good news is that it’s relatively easy to increase your Instagram following.

    There are many ways that you can improve your engagement on Instagram without spending any money at all.

    2. Follow some of your favorite people and accounts.

    If you follow someone who posts similar content to yours, that person will likely follow you back.

    This is how Facebook works, too. If someone likes or comments on something they find interesting, they will want more of it in their feed.

    It would be beneficial if you also tried following accounts with a similar audience as yours.

    If you're in the home décor business, you can follow other décor enthusiasts, businesses, or an Instagrammer who makes stylish home decor items.

    Perhaps another brand is known for selling clothes while another sells shoes; both could use some extra followers and they have a similar “fashion forward” audience.

    Finally, there's no harm in trying out new accounts with similar missions or brands; they might surprise us all by becoming our favorites over time and they can be great inspiration for new posts and content ideas.

    3. Share value in your posts.

    Share something useful: This is the most obvious way to get more followers and likes, but it’s also one of the simplest.

    If you possess a picture or a video showing how to make something, post it on your Instagram story.

    It will show your new followers you what kind of person they are interacting with and they can get a feel for the future content you plan to share.

    4. Share something funny: This is another easy option for increasing followers because everyone loves funny posts.

    Posting an inside joke about work or family members – “a day in the life” styled posts seem to do wonders for connecting with your audiences. They can be highly beneficial when trying to garner some laughs from other users' feeds.

    5. Update your profile regularly.

    You should update your profile regularly. This is important because it keeps the content fresh and exciting, attracting more followers and likes.

    If you don't update your Instagram account often enough, then people may not see that you are active on the platform anymore.

    Additionally, it's wise to maintain a record of any changes in your life or interests so that when something new comes up, people know about it immediately instead of waiting for several days before posting about something big happening in their lives.

    Keep a set of notes to document anything notable and save them as ideas for your planned, regular posts!

    6. Use your bio to tell people why they should follow you.

    If you don't know what to put in your bio, consider the following:

    Is it relevant? If so, be sure it isn't too long or complicated. Make sure that it is catchy and memorable as well.

    Is it unique? Try using some interesting words or phrases that would appeal to potential followers and make them want more from you. You can also try adding hashtags so people know where else they can find content related to this brand/page.

    7. Comment on others' Instagram posts.

    1.Comment on posts that are relevant to you and your audience.

    2. Comment on posts with a similar theme as yours if it helps.

    3. Make sure you comment on the right kind of post. The goal of this step is not just to get followers but also to engage with them by giving them valuable advice or feedback about the content they share.

      8. Post-great-quality photos and videos.

      1. Don't images that are too dark or too bright, either as a whole or in parts of the photo.
      2. Don't crop your photo so much that it doesn't show anything, or worse yet, a blank white space around your product. You want viewers to see everything from the perspective of their own eyes; if they can't make out what's going on in the background, then there's no point in having them follow you at all.
      3. Perspective is important – Include useful text or position your product beside something that is comparable in size.

      9. Research the best times to post based on your audience demographics.

      Your best bet is to look at the statistics for your account and those of other accounts with similar demographics.

      You can also use tools to help you find the best times to post based on your audience demographics.

      10. Try attaching a location tag to all of your posts.

      Location tags can also be used to find new followers. If you post a photo of your product, add the name of your city or the street where it is located as the location tag on your post.

      This will help people who follow your account know where you are, making them more likely to like and comment on your posts.

      Location tags are also helpful for improving engagement rates because they encourage interaction between users with similar interests.

      11. Try attaching a relevant hashtag to all of your posts.

      Hashtags are a great way to get more followers, likes, and views. They allow you to find new people who might like your content and want to follow you back.

      You can use hashtags in many different ways:

      To get more likes on Instagram. When someone sees a post tagged with a relevant hashtag, they will see other posts relating to the same topic as theirs in their feed.

      To gain new followers on Instagram. If someone posts something using one of these terms, others will probably see it too, which means potential customers could see their post before deciding whether or not they'd like what was offered by its author.

      12. Engage with followers from time to time, and make it fun

      Engaging with followers from time to time is a great way to foster a connection and build rapport.

      Engaging in this manner can help you grow your following faster than any other strategy.

      When you're actively commenting on other people's content, they'll see that you're interested in what they have to say and feel more inclined to engage with you.

      One way many have found effective at engaging with Instagram followers is by posting comments on their posts.

      This method allows me to when someone posts something that I like or agree with something interesting enough that I want my opinion shared publicly by adding an emoji next to the comment button.

      You need to engage with your followers to keep them around. The best strategy for accomplishing this is by ensuring you're fun and playful with them.

      This means being friendly, smiling, and having a sense of humor. If you can show that you care about them, they will feel like part of the community, making it easier for them to follow along.

      13. Conclusion

      We also want to stress that it doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers.

      The key is to focus on quality content creation to attract an engaged audience who will be interested in what you offer. The value in your audience is only as much as they are engaging with your content!

      The more subscribers or likes a post receives, the better chance it has of getting discovered by someone who might not already follow your account.

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