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Spier & Mackay launches inflation fighting “Groomsman” suits at affordable price point

Last updated Monday, February 27, 2023 13:00 ET , Source: Spier & Mackay

Spier & Mackay, an established brand in the menswear space, has launched its ‘Red Label’ range providing 100% wool suits at a competitive price.

Mississauga, Ontario, 02/27/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Menswear brand Spier & Mackay has launched its Red Label range of 100% wool, half-canvas suits, priced below $300 USD, providing a high quality yet affordable option for groomsmen and first-time suit buyers amid rapid inflation.

The Red Label range is composed of a 2-button, notch lapel jacket and flat-front trousers, made of 100% Merino wool. The jacket features half-canvas construction that provides excellent structure, drape, and durability. It also includes lightly padded shoulders, classic-sized notch lapels, and sous bras/underarm shields, which provide extra comfort, prevent sweat stains, and are often found only on high-end suits. The inside of the jacket has a breathable viscose lining, providing comfort and ease of movement.

Spier & Mackay offers the Red Label range in five of the most popular suit colors – black, charcoal, navy, light gray, and medium gray – with more colors to be added soon.

According to Giuseppe Palombo, Marketing Manager of Spier & Mackay, other suit makers use synthetic or blended fabrics in their entry-level suits, and the jacket's interlining is fused or glued, rather than stitched or floating. Red Label suits are made of pure wool and have stitched half-canvas interlinings, which are marks of a high-quality suit. A stitched canvas interlining is more durable and helps the jacket reposition better in response to the wearer's body, with drape improving the more times the suit is worn.

Red Label suits come in a unique “tailored” fit that is a cross between Spier & Mackay's slim and contemporary fit suits. The jacket fits similarly to the more relaxed contemporary fit jackets, while the trousers are between slim and contemporary cut, resulting in a slightly trimmer, more modern style. Should the customer want more customization for their suits, Red Label suits' features allow for easy alterations by local tailors.

Palombo says the range's introduction comes just in time for wedding season in the US, which typically lasts from late Spring until early Fall. Many couples on a budget are looking for affordable suits for their groomsmen, and Red Label provides an affordable and stylish option.

Red Label suits are also targeted at first-time suit buyers, such as students going to prom or recent graduates who are going for job interviews or first jobs, as well as people who just want to grow their suit collections without breaking the bank.

“Spier & Mackay was founded on the belief that great-fitting and high-quality menswear doesn't have to be a luxury,” Palombo says. “We operate on 3 pillars – fit, quality, and value – and our Red Label line embodies this perfectly. We use 100% wool, unlike other suits in the same price range that have polyester blends, which are less comfortable and breathable. It will be incredibly hard to find a suit of this quality at this price point, because we bypass the middlemen and sell directly to customers, passing on the savings to them.”

About Spier & Mackay

Spier & Mackay is a Canadian menswear brand that provides a wide range of garments, including suits, sportcoats, trousers, shirts, sweaters, outerwear, shoes, and accessories. It was founded in 2010 with an aim to provide high-quality menswear at a fraction of the price charged by major brands and retailers, without sacrificing style, fit, and quality. Spier & Mackay serves its customers through its online shop and showroom in Mississauga, Ontario.

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