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Beyond the Hype, MetaNews Brings ChatGPT to the Whole World

Last updated Tuesday, February 28, 2023 22:26 ET , Source: META NEWS INC

Metanews ChatGPT has officially been released on both Apple and Android, allowing users to ask the powerful AI any question for free within the MetaNews app.

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February 9th, 2023 PST (February 10th, 2023 CST) Metanews ChatGPT has officially been released on both Apple and Android, allowing users to ask the powerful AI any question for free within the MetaNews app.

Since its release 2 weeks ago, ChatGPT has been praised by industry outlets such as MetaNews and the global public who have made ChatGPT the most downloaded app in history, with over 100 million users worldwide. Thus far the majority of ChatGPT’s userbase has existed outside of China, which is striking considering it has the world’s largest internet population at over 1 billion internet users. But all that is changing now that MetaNews ChatGPT has gone viral in Red, a social media platform which has been described as “China’s answer to Instagram”. With thousands having posted on Red about their positive experiences with MetaNews ChatGPT, it is clear that China’s demand for natural language AI digital assistants like ChatGPT is red hot. Moreover, ChatGPT is not some passing trend but a global phenomenon because of the universality of its application through natural language which at the same time transcends the limits of any one language.

To better understand the world's first Chinese ChatGPT app, on February 28th, 2023, a journalist from the Associated Press interviewed the editor-in-chief of news, Wu Lingyun

Journalist:Mr.Wu, thank you for agreeing to do this interview with the Associated Press. We all know that ChatGPT is one of the most trending topics in the world, so could you tell us more about the thought process and reasons behind the pioneering launch of ChatGPT by Metanews? How do you think it will impact Chinese people around the world?

Wu Lingyun: The language model AI ChatGPT was created by OpenAI near the end of 2022 and became an overnight sensation. According to a report by UBS, ChatGPT's monthly active userbase is over 100 million people, making it the fastest-growing consumer software in history. Furthermore, on January 23rd, 2023, Microsoft announced a multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI. Before this, Microsoft had planned to integrate ChatGPT and other AI tools into its products but the unprecedented success of ChatGPT accelerated the process and led to greater and more direct investment. As a result, ChatGPT-focused stocks in global capital markets have all been performing strongly, led by the US, Hong Kong, and A-share markets. For example, when the stock market closed on February 15th, ChatGPT stocks in the A-share markets grew by 4.43%.

Recent investment and performance in the tech, media, telecom and capital markets show the extent of ChatGPT’s popularity. With ChatGPT's technological breakthroughs, there will be further innovation and applications of AI tech in fields like robotics, conversational AI, imaging, and AIGC document writing. MetaNews plans to capitalize on the opportunities presented by these AI innovations and investment trends to continue its overarching goal to achieve growth and profitability through providing high-quality services to its userbase.

We made the Chinese version of MetaNews for the global Chinese community, which was in serious need since most people in China have had no native access to ChatGPT. Fortunately by pouring all our resources and efforts into integrating ChatGPT into our existing MetaNews app, we were able to release MetaNews ChatGPT on both Apple and Android by February 9th, 2023. In so doing MetaNews became the world's first Chinese app with ChatGPT functionality which is a huge accomplishment we are honored and humbled to share. Days later we followed up this achievement with the web version of MetaNews ChatGPT. As the world's first metaverse media platform, we believe in the revolution and innovation that the metaverse will bring to society and see ChatGPT winning over the public and greatly accelerating the transition of the internet to the 3D metaverse. MetaNews ChatGPT is our contribution to the Web 3.0 revolution by bringing ChatGPT to previously unrepresented members of the largest internet community in the world and beyond. We feel it is a win-win for MetaNews and the world.

Journalist: I heard that ChatGPT servers were at capacity as soon as they launched. Given this situation, did you face any technical difficulties in the development process?

Wu Lingyun: Yes, immediately after successfully launching the MetaNews app with its new MetaNews ChatGPT functionality, the team became a victim of its own success as we received news that MetaNews ChatGPT server was "overloaded" due to overwhelming usage! So the team had no time to rest on its laurels and immediately went to work to adjust MetaNews ChatGPT to meet the demand. Because ChatGPT is a process that requires constantly overcoming technical difficulties and updating, our team was prepared for the challenge. Ultimately, we developed a new version that opened the bottleneck and accommodated our ever-growing number of visitors.

To enable the MetaNews ChatGPT to generate text in different styles and for other purposes with better accuracy, clarity, narrative details, and contextual coherence, our team overcame many technical challenges. Our developers must fine-tune the model with code to create a language model like ChatGPT based on AI. The front-end server focuses on conversational data and numerous codes must be written for each scenario. While MetaNews app integrates ChatGPT powerful natural language processing functionality, it can also be used as an accurate and able dictation transcriber. With MetaNews ChatGPT, MetaNews is no longer just a Web 3.0 media source but an internet encyclopedia and personal secretary all-in-one app.

Journalist: Were there any specific points of emphasis in developing the new features of MetaNews ChatGPT?

Wu Lingyun: In the process of developing new features, MetaNews has focused on three aspects:

First, our users' needs are our top priority: After all, the MetaNews ChatGPT was designed to bring ChatGPT to the over 1 billion internet users in China who cannot otherwise open an account. Yet access is only the beginning of the story: ChatGPT attracted over 1 million users in the first five days of its release but despite growing usage and interest its userbase still reported many issues. This makes sense because ChatGPT’s AI has a seemingly infinite number of potential applications and is supposed to adapt and improve over time. Since MetaNews ChatGPT was also created with lots of user demand, we must ensure we listen to what specific applications our users want from our product and tailor further releases to them.

Second, the technical or back-end functionality is of the utmost importance to MetaNews ChatGPT. During its development we had to test, retest, and optimize algorithms and models constantly and continue to do so as we speak. It was no small technical feat to embed the MetaNews ChatGPT function within the app itself, but we do so to make it easier and more convenient for users to access.

Finally we value the fine-line between AI’s ability to utilize natural speech input in ways users love, which is why ChatGPT is a global phenomenon, and the concern for privacy. Therefore, in developing MetaNews ChatGPT, we pay great attention to the security of our users’ data. By adopting data encryption and a series of privacy protection measures, MetaNews demonstrates its dedication to user privacy and safety.

Journalist: How does MetaNews plan to develop MetaNews ChatGPT? Will the technology continue to be updated?

Wu Lingyun: ChatGPT was created by the gradual and constant accumulation and adaptation of algorithms and data. This is the objective law of the development of AI tech. In the future, MetaNews will further optimize ChatGPT's real-time Q&A capabilities and improve its loading and response speeds. In addition, we will gradually establish a mature feedback mechanism that allows users to provide real-time feedback on problems encountered during use or suggestions. We aim to give users and the community more accurate and targeted information content and services. Undoubtedly, ChatGPT is the fastest-growing AI model, and it will be our company's key focus for our immediate future growth strategy. We will continue to expand ChatGPT's capabilities to provide our users and community with more efficient and high-quality services, which is a core concept in introducing it.

We are in an era of significant change, with clear and ever-changing future trends. MetaNews will keep up with the movement of the times, continuously innovate in the future, and occupy the deserved place in the market. MetaNews is the world's first media platform that encapsulates every aspect of the metaverse and Web 3.0, whose goal is to take the internet from the photographic dimension to the holographic dimension.

In this era of innovation and digitization, the emergence of ChatGPT represents humanity's constant pursuit and innovation of language technology and intelligent interaction. The popularization of AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content) is a revolutionary breakthrough in natural language processing that allows advanced context-sensitive tasks to be performed with the mere formulation of a sentence. This makes high-end design no longer dependent upon learned manual skills such as video editing, image creation or even written documents. Moreover, it can translate all these tasks intelligibly in multiple languages, improving communication not only between machines and humans but between humans from different languages. Thus, ChatGPT is ultimately the latest and greatest step in globalization.

With regard to the way the public interacts with the internet itself, the rise of ChatGPT will change how we obtain information and input content. In the future, people may interface and even interact, as in the case of AI bots or personalities, with AIGC. It is already becoming a part of the stream of digital content we see online today, and will be an increasingly important factor in content creation and sharing in the Web 3.0 era.

Last but not least, ChatGPT will revolutionize the entertainment and media industry by subverting traditional barriers to content production. Lowering content creation barriers will likely lead to explosive growth in content supply, bringing tremendous opportunities and challenges to both businesses and users. As one example, Disney recently used a proprietary AI model to recreate the legendary actor James Earl’s voice as the Star Wars villain Darth Vader. While ChatGPT’s advanced automation of tasks may reduce the time and budget required to create content, the ability to discern and curate high-quality content from the resultant high-volume of product will become vital.

The ChatGPT craze has broadened the horizon of the AI market and turned AI into a household name overnight. Today, AIGC is no longer a new concept; with time the many quantitative improvements that are currently afoot will result in tangible quantitative changes. The era of the metaverse is coming, and MetaNews is looking forward to help lead the way!

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