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Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network is Now Registering for Spring 3 & 2 Game Shootouts

Last updated Tuesday, February 28, 2023 09:47 ET

The Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network is now accepting registrations for its 2023 Spring 2-game and 3-game Shootouts. Teams from across the city are welcome to join the spring tournament.

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The Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network (CYBN) is proud to announce the availability of open slots for its upcoming 2- and 3-game Shootouts for youth basketball teams. This highly sought-after event is held year-round, with a full schedule of dates for the spring season listed on the CYBN tournaments page.

CYBN's primary objective has always been to provide high-caliber, well-refereed contests for young basketball teams, and spring 2023 is no exception. However, with limited slots available for these exciting shootouts, tournament officials are urging teams to register as soon as possible to secure their spot in the competition.

The Chicago Youth Basketball Network (CYBN) is one of Chicago's most recognized and active youth basketball organizations.
Chicago Youth Basketball Network

Youth basketball teams are advised not to miss this opportunity to participate in one of CYBN's popular shootouts and showcase the team's skills on the court. Register now and get ready for an unforgettable experience of basketball action and competition!

The March Hoopfest, the first basketball competition of the spring season, is fast approaching. Hosted by Plainfield SportsPlex Supreme Courts, the tournament will feature a two-game and a three-game shootout. Teams can register for the two-game shootout for $145 and the three-game for $185. The competition will take place on either Saturday, March 18th, or Sunday, March 19th, allowing teams to choose the day that works best for them.

The Clash of Clubs tournament is open for registration, offering basketball teams a chance to compete before the end of March. Hosted at Plainfield SportsPlex, the tournament provides two options for participants. Teams can sign up for a two-game shootout for a fee of $145 or a three-game shootout for $185. “Mark your calendars for the last weekend of the month, March 25th and 26th, 2023, and join the Clash of Clubs at Plainfield SportsPlex.” Said a representative for Chicagoland Youth Basketball.

Readers can learn more about the Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network and sign up for spring leagues and training by visiting https://cybntournaments.com/.

"CYBN hosts competent 2-game and 3-game playoff tournaments throughout the year," said a representative of CYBN. "The spring competitions are ideal for younger teams and players as they help them sharpen their skills and stay motivated. The competitors for each team are carefully selected to guarantee the highest level of fairness and competition. We hope all teams, parents, and coaches fully participate in this event. Our experienced leaders and managers will be present throughout the event to provide guidance and inspiration for the sports teams."

About Chicago Youth Basketball Network

The Chicago Youth Basketball Network (CYBN) is one of Chicago's most recognized and active youth basketball organizations. At present, they serve over 5000 teams, and the number of registrations is growing each year. The organization helps many schools and other organizations save up to $250,000 annually. However, the uptick in the number of teams registering and those that are poised to register will have a positive effect on the sport in general. Although the Chicago Youth Basketball Network isn't a tournament broker and does not invest capital in any basketball team, they provide the school districts and municipalities the opportunity to rent courts at a discounted price. The CYBN and its growing partner network own several gyms in Chicago. The fees are 25% of what they usually are with the same facilities. That means organizations save money and keep the gyms filled; a win-win for everyone.



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