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Motivity Care accepted to NYC Economic Development Council’s Boost Fellowship

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The Boost Fellowship, that supports founders in historically underserved sectors, has been awarded to Motivity Care, a caregiving management specialist.

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Tech-enabled caregiving management and concierge firm Motivity Care has been accepted to the Boost Fellowship – a startup accelerator program run by Company Ventures as part of the New York City Economic Development Council’s Founder Fellowship.

The Boost Fellowship is a four-month program that supports tech founders in historically underserved sectors (women, persons of color, and LGBTQ+), providing funding, mentorship, and networking, among other services. Motivity Care is one of 100 firms selected for the Economic Development Council’s latest Founder Fellowship cohort, out of over 550 applications.

Motivity Care is a female- and minority-owned business, co-founded by Mim Senft GBA AAI and Karina Muller MBA. Their Company provides concierge and chief of staff services, in both English and Spanish, to simplify and streamline caregiving management. Motivity Care works closely with clients and their families to understand their challenges whether they are 50, 70 or 90 plus. They uniquely combine technology with professional support to address major pain points and unexpected events at every stage of aging. The company is preparing clients for both the present and the future.

“With 70 million baby boomers in the US and more than a billion worldwide this is becoming a global crisis. The biggest challenge with most people is that they don't plan for aging but want to stay independent” Senft says. “There’s a cultural taboo around aging. That’s why people are scared of talking about mortality and are caught unprepared when this inevitable part of life happens. This results in wasted time and money and a potential lack of security.”

Motivity’s MC Life Intel Platform is an online platform, desktop and app, that allows clients to have a high level of control and security at every stage of aging. The platform stores vital client health information, legal documents, financial data, key contacts, and other important details that make a difference in a crisis. The client can control who can access the information, down to an individual file or document, and designate who can view or edit this information. This is all customizable to the client. The MC Life Intel Platform has bank-level global security, is HIPAA-compliant, and requires two-factor authentication to access to keep information secure. Clients also have access to a trained concierge manager who will provide live support to make sure that individuals and their loved ones are prepared for the unexpected and provide support in case of an emergency.

According to Senft, Motivity’s chief-of-staff approach sets it apart from other similar services, as it takes into account all aspects of the client’s lifestyle and preferences, including food, personality, and family structure. Clients can designate whoever they want as a contact whether that is a family member, a friend, or a professional that supports them.

“We are a tech-enabled service with a human approach that care partners, meaning the adult caregiver and the person in need, can always rely on. Technology is important, but we also offer a human, professional and confidential approach so that the caregiver does not become overwhelmed. Caregivers need somebody who can listen and alleviate pain points, but also have the expertise to solve any problem and get them prepared for future challenges. Planning for now and the future allows clients to choose how they age and how independent they stay.”

Motivity Care also works collaboratively with vetted experts and their families to quickly resolve critical issues saving time and money. Whether medical, legal, financial, or home services related there is one point of contact to address any need related to aging or care. This provides peace of mind and security and every stage of aging.

Senft says: “Statistics have shown that women-led startups get less than 2% of venture capital investments, and those led by women of color have it much harder. The Economic Development Council of New York City and Company Ventures are committed to recognizing female-led and minority-led companies that help solve major social problems but are often overlooked. We are very proud to be part of the Boost Fellowship cohort and are truly honored to be recognized by these organizations. We are on a mission to bring expertise and professionalism to caregiving for the aging. We support both the caregiving decision makers’ and the person being cared for with professionalism, expertise and compassion.”

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