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Morant McLeod Launched a Sophisticated Holistic Approach to Management Consulting & Advisory Services Aiding Growth

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Morant McLeod is a business strategy and management consulting firm. The organization collaborates with its clients to create and implement a plan of action for long term growth.

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Morant McLeod is seeking to transform the landscape of management consulting and advisory services with a sophisticated, holistic approach that focuses on long-term change and growth in organizations. The company is a global strategy firm that conducts in-depth global and corporate research to understand current and future trends. This makes it possible for them to help clients optimize their HR, cultural, marketing, and industry strategy as well as their overall strategy as they seek to find their way forward in the post-pandemic world

Said Ernest Stephens, CEO of Morant McLeod, “We are a global strategy firm and we focus on high-level management consulting services in a sophisticated, holistic manner. We help clients not only through research on competitive strategies but also work with them on the implementation of the strategies. In the long run, our work provides a better return on investment, as the strategy is developed alongside in-depth research and deep analysis on all areas of the business. We believe this achieves ideal results for our clients.”

The firm has a broad array of specialities, making it the ideal consulting firm for today's top enterprises. Morant McLeod works with clients on all aspects of strategy and change management including corporate strategy, strategic planning, competitive strategy, data transformation, digital transformation, cultural transformation, equity action planning, and organizational change management.

"The beauty of our approach is that we're perfect for working at the corporate level or the business unit level. We're both flexible and nimble, able to analyze any topic, with one client referring to the first call with Morant McLeod feeling like a call with a “business doctor” who can quickly identify possibilities with a particular process or strategy, provide insights, and advise clients on methods to create solutions. This experience is both satisfying and encouraging, to say the least.", says Ernest.

Although the firm's tailored solutions vary across markets and environments depending on the organization, the level of expertise, attention to historical facts, and level of comprehension provided to each client is a breath of fresh air.

Clients and Morant Mcleod Implement the recommendations alongside one another. The firm presents plans for manufacturing, marketing, HR, and other operational growth under its comprehensive strategy, maps out specific plans for every business unit, then works closely with clients to bring these changes to reality. "What makes us different from other leading business consultancies is that we experience the implementation of the solutions alongside our clients and can further customize where necessary in real time, with minimal disruption to our clients, their staff, or goals of the plan", says Ernest. Morant McLeod does it all, from research to planning, and from implementation to training. With a global team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, the firm's capabilities of developing strategic solutions to large, complex issues that carry client companies through to goals and into realization. Continuing, “We've worked with organizations from global enterprises to large governments, and created everything from six sigma continuous improvement plans to culturally relevant, impact oriented equity action plans. We believe that we can make a positive impact on the global business world by going about enterprise-level management consulting in a different way.”

With over 500 years of combined experience, the Morant McLeod teams launched their services globally at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, helping organizations navigate through uncertainty. Today, Morant McLeod has four core/areas of practice: operations (manufacturing, process improvement), strategy (planning, analysis, and innovation), M&A (pre-transaction preparedness, transformation, and PMI), and people (diversity, equity, and behavioral change). In contrast to the reputations of legacy global management consultant firms, Morant McLeod is able to create organizational growth and innovation in a sophisticated, holistic manner that comprehends all organizational goals. This leads to both near term impacts and long term transformation, bringing comprehensive research and planning methods to concrete reality for their clients.

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