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DrivingTransactions.com Facilitates Four of the Largest Transactions in the Chauffeured Transportation Sector

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Salisbury, Maryland--(Newsfile Corp. - March 3, 2023) - DrivingTransactions.com, a Maryland-based M&A Advisory and Financial Analysis firm, is pleased to announce the completion of four of the most prominent transactions in the chauffeured transportation sector. Kenneth Lucci, a veteran in the passenger transportation sector, founded DrivingTransactions.com, a mergers, acquisitions, and financial planning and analysis firm specializing in the passenger transportation sector. Lucci hopes these transactions will showcase their abilities to successfully complete even the larger transactions in the industry.

DrivingTransaction.com provides detailed financial review and analysis, valuation reports, transaction packages, and other services to facilitate acquisitions or prepare businesses for potential growth. The company has reviewed over 230 company financials to facilitate financing and transactions and has one of the most detailed financial and KPI/KOS metrics on the industry. Its written work product provides potential buyers and banks with all the financial and operational data needed to make educated decisions to buy or finance companies.

"We're pleased to have facilitated twenty-three total transactions since 2018, including the four largest transactions in our industry," mentions Lucci, hoping that these transactions will be the catalyst for more lending and outside investments in the industry.

DrivingTransactions.com is committed to spotlighting the financial performance of individual companies and the industry to enhance the value of businesses at the time of an acquisition, and showcase the private transportation sector for both lenders and outside investors. Its mission is to create "win-win" transactions for their seller clients, buyers, and banks. With the help of the company's team of financial analysts, DrivingTransactions.com aims to maximize the value of businesses while minimizing risks for all parties.

"Drivingtransactions.com offers a wide range of M&A and financial analysis services," says Lucci. "Our work starts with a deep dive financial review of the business to formulate business valuations, and comprehensive financial performance assessments used for the acquisition process. We also provide dynamic budgeting and forecasting and other services for clients interested in growing their businesses and being introduced to traditional lenders."

"We focus on advising operators on how to manage based on their financial statements and plan the profits instead of just focusing on top-line revenue growth. It is not what you make in revenue, it is what you keep in net profits," says Lucci. DrivingTransactions.com trains operators to focus on earnings and EBITDA and make financial decisions that can add value to their enterprise.

"We are pleased to see our progress since we began in 2018 with these transactions," Lucci maintains, "We're thrilled to have been the facilitator for such win-win transactions and are blessed to count twenty-three buyers and twenty-three sellers as our happy clients."

DrivingTransactions.com is a financial, mergers, and acquisitions company based in Maryland. The company is pleased to announce its leadership in connecting four of the largest transactions in the chauffeur industry. To learn more, contact Kenneth Lucci at [email protected] and visit the website at http://drivingtransactions.com/.

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