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ITX unveils CONNECTED™ Global Mobility Digital Platform

Last updated Friday, March 3, 2023 12:58 ET , Source: ITX

Global mobility solutions provider ITX’s CONNECTED™ digital allows clients to centralize exchange of information for Mobility teams, expatriate employees, HR professionals, and third-party vendors.

Geneva, Switzerland, 03/03/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Global mobility solutions provider ITX has unveiled the CONNECTED™ digital platform, to support clients that outsource the operation of their Mobility Shared Services or Global Employment Company (GEC) to ITX. The CONNECTED™ platform allows ITX clients to centralize and streamline coordination and exchange of information between Mobility teams, expatriate employees, HR professionals, and third-party vendors.

CONNECTED™ is available for both desktop and mobile devices and uses 2-factor authentication to ensure secure information exchange for all users. For further security, the platform gives employers the capability to trace access, creating an audit trail to document each transaction on the platform. Information is also archived digitally, allowing 24/7 secure access to information and data. Employers have a consolidated view of all their expatriate data, providing enhanced risk management, business continuity and cost control. A one-click batch distribution feature allows different user groups to quickly receive documents such as invoices, salary calculations, etc.

Expatriate employees can securely store and update the personal and family data required by HR teams and third-party vendors. The storage also includes the employee's contract, tax, and social security data. The CONNECTED™ platform allows employees to view payslips, expenses claims and timesheets online, as well as information on applicable insurance and retirement plans.

ITX regularly communicates with the operational teams that manage expatriates daily to gather data that is used in updating the functional and design aspects of the CONNECTED™ platform, making it a tool that was co-developed by the users, for the users. ITX technology tools and platforms are compliant with the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), as well as they meet the most stringent data security standards. ITX was the first company in Europe to implement a Cisco Hyperflex Solution, giving us a substantial degree of agility and data security.

“We at ITX are very proud to have developed the CONNECTED™ technology tool”, says Mr. Christophe Malavallon, CEO of ITX. “Thanks to this platform, our clients become technology-enabled within a very short time-frame, and without the need for capital expenditure.”

Mr. Malavallon adds that using a technology tool like CONNECTED™ for a GEC makes it easier to produce accurate management reports because payroll, expenses management, and invoicing are integrated. “We need to be able to support major multinationals, and CONNECTED™ is part of our investment in a robust technology infrastructure that allows us to help clients manage their expat workforces more cost-effectively and efficiently.”

About ITX:

ITX is a global mobility consultancy that specializes in the design and implementation of solutions for the management of expatriates and cross-border remote employees, delivering compliance, efficiencies, cost savings and enhanced customer experience for their clients. It was founded in 2000 by seasoned HR and finance executives, drawing on their deep experience in global mobility from working with large corporations. Some of the world’s leading organizations have chosen ITX as a trusted partner to support their mobility programs and to operate their Global Employment Companies (GEC).

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