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Mstaml Crew Revels 2022 Successes

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After achieving numerous successes in 2022, Mstaml is set for greater heights in 2023 and makes headlines in the automotive news.

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Mstaml Crew Revels 2022 Successes

After achieving numerous successes in 2022, Mstaml is set for greater heights in 2023 and makes headlines in the automotive news.

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh – Mstaml, one of the top regional C2C online markets, is pleased to share its many accomplishments from the previous year.

The Mstaml team has devoted countless hours to bringing cutting-edge solutions to the e-commerce environment and continues to set the standard for technology used in online marketplaces.

Mstaml accomplished several significant feats in 2022, including a 30% increase in sales and a 50% increase in the user population. This along with numerous achievements has led to its making waves in automotive news.

We can attribute the success of the platform to its emphasis on user experience and innovation, which includes fresh features like chatbots, product suggestions based on artificial intelligence, used cars, and improved payment systems.

Additionally, Mstaml unveiled many efforts to aid in the expansion of SMEs in the area, including a special program to assist merchants in improving their product listings, used cars, and increasing sales. Mstaml, which means “used,” is a platform that also offers services in different niches like real estate, fashion, and even mobile and others.

As more SMEs use Mstaml to gain access to new markets and customers, this platform has played a significant role in the company's continued success and development.

According to Mstaml CEO Mr. Abdulrhman Mohammed Hamad Bin Shahbal, "We are thrilled with the success we've had in 2022, and we attribute it all to our dedicated team and our devoted customers."

He further added, “We're eager to build on this success in the years to come because our emphasis on innovation and customer happiness has paid off.”

Mstaml Sets High Standards

Since 2001, Mstaml, the top e-commerce site in the Arab world, has assisted companies in developing and growing. Mstaml offers innovative services to its sellers and buyers, including a 1% commission payment service after the sale, a trailblazing effort in the Arab world, intending to transform the region's economy. Mstaml's revenue from this service grew by 56% in 2022, demonstrating how well-liked it is with its customers.

Revolutionizing the Business World

The Power service from Mstaml is another feature that has revolutionized the business world. The service boosts the percentage of purchases by increasing the visibility of goods on the site and displaying them to interested buyers. When compared to the prior year, revenue from this business increased by a startling 396% in 2022.

The Power Ads stand out from other advertisements by a sign when they show in the first section of the Mstaml market. With this innovative approach, Mstaml is making it possible to sell and buy used cars through their platform.

Cutting-edge Program for Goods and Used Cars

One more innovative service provided by Mstaml is the Retailer Membership program which also extends to businesses involving used cars. For the entire year, sellers are exempt from paying the 1% commission on any commodity they offer. When compared to 2021, this service's revenue grew by 3% in 2022.

The platform's shipping service, offered by Mstaml, is a dependable and effective method to ship products. Through vetted shipping firms, sellers can send their products with ease, and Mstaml enables them to follow their orders from dispatch to delivery. According to sources providing automotive news, when compared to 2021, the revenue from this business increased by 335 percent in 2022.

Helping Entrepreneurs on the Platform

The Mstaml Stores service aims to help entrepreneurs who sell their goods on the platform constantly. The service allows merchants to set up an online store connected to the Mstaml system with over 2,131 stores and published ads.

Sellers can access the store's data, views, and requests by connecting the service to the domain of the retailer's website. The internal marketing teams at Mstaml collaborate to promote strong development while supporting all other marketing activities.

Membership Required Verification

The Membership Verification service was introduced by Mstaml in 2022. It is a free service that verifies accounts and connects them to formal government data via the Absher system. This feature further distinguishes Mstaml from other e-commerce platforms and boosts buyers' trust in merchants. This feature increases trust for the resale of used cars.

The Mstaml Affiliate Service is a program that enables marketers to make money by promoting goods available on the site. When the goods and used cars sell through the affiliate, a portion of the commission is given to the affiliate. The non-profit service benefits the network and the marketer in equal measure.

A Series of Achievements in 2022

In 2022, Mstaml reached several important benchmarks. The launching of the #BuyConsciously campaign to combat financial fraud and the expansion to Jordan to improve the buying and selling process there are a few examples. Another is the signing of a partnership deal with Huawei.

Mstaml's expansion is due to the team's experience in each market, merchant sales, electronic transformation, and competition, as well as the follow-up on accomplishing the goals set. By 2023, Mstaml wants to see a 15% increase in overall app usage across all countries, a 20% increase in published ads, and a 25% increase in the number of transactions carried out on the platform. Mstaml intends to make investments in growing its user base, enhancing the user experience, and stepping up marketing initiatives to meet these objectives.

Set for More Success in 2023

Enhancing Mstaml's smartphone application, which has grown increasingly popular with users, is one of the company's main priorities for 2023.

To make it easier for users to purchase and sell on the platform, the company plans to add new features like one-click checkout and real-time shipment tracking. Mstaml also intends to enhance the search algorithm and recommendation system to make it simpler for users to discover what they are looking for.

Marketing is a further field where Mstaml is investing. According to some automotive news anchors, to raise brand awareness and draw in new customers, the business intends to run targeted campaigns in each of its major markets – including the used cars market. These campaigns will involve influencer marketing, social media advertising, and collaborations with neighborhood companies and groups.

Overall, Mstaml is dedicated to expanding its platform and giving customers a seamless experience. The business is in a good situation to accomplish its objectives and establish itself as a premier e-commerce platform in the Middle East by putting a strong emphasis on innovation and user satisfaction.

About Mstaml

Mstmal is a leading online marketplace operating in numerous countries globally, and officially headquartered in Dubai, Riyadh, Cairo. Mstaml is C2C and connects millions of buyers and sellers across a broad range of categories. The Mstmal brand originated in 2001 as a platform where people could trade in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is owned by Mstaml Inc.

Leading Middle Eastern and North African online marketplace, Mstaml connects millions of buyers and sellers across a broad range of categories. With an emphasis on user experience and innovation, the platform offers a quick, safe, and convenient method to purchase and sell goods and used cars.

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