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Re7 Capital Announces Launch of Two New Liquid Funds

Last updated Friday, March 3, 2023 16:50 ET , Source: Re7 Capital

Re7 Capital, led by established DeFi portfolio manager Evgeny Gokhberg, has announced the launch of two additional funds this year: the Re7 ETH Yield Fund and the RxR Opportunities Fund.

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The funds grant professional investors easy access to liquid long-only strategies in crypto, managed in a compliant manner by Cayman-domiciled funds. The funds will capitalize on the firm’s expertise in the space and its ability to conduct fundamental research and perform detailed code reviews.

The Re7 ETH Yield Fund offers full exposure to Ethereum (ETH) – the leading blockchain ecosystem – via a fund with monthly liquidity. The strategy aims to provide high single-digit positive carry as ETH is deployed across the DeFi ecosystem to generate yield. This fund builds upon Re7’s successful market-neutral DeFi yield fund, running since 2021.

The RxR Opportunities Fund is a joint venture between Re7 Capital and a leading crypto investment house. Its strategy is designed to construct and actively manage a long-only portfolio of liquid mid-cap crypto tokens. Gokhberg views this market as highly inefficient and believes fundamental analysis can help find mispriced assets.

“We are delighted to expand our investment product suite to offer two strategies with directional exposure. Crypto is a highly cyclical market - Re7 originally emerged as a market-neutral yield fund given where we were in the cycle in 2021. The cycle has turned and presents opportunities to capitalize on the next leg up across our new strategies.”, says Evgeny Gokhberg. “The public crypto market is less efficient than the private one and the domain expertise we accumulated having successfully managed capital through the downturn makes us excited for what lies ahead”.

The firm expects the funds to scale up to USD 100mn in 2023.

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