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WineView Platform Annonces New POS Partnership

Last updated Tuesday, March 7, 2023 10:46 ET , Source: WineView

WineView, a software platform provides customers with information about thousands of wine choices partnered with successful point-of-sales company, for streamlined and informative dining experience.

Atlanta, United States, 03/07/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

WineView has integrated with one of the leading point-of-sale (POS) companies in restaurant management software. This relationship aims to improve the culinary experience for both restaurant employees and customers alike.

Restaurants with this POS system can now connect their menu and wine list instantly to WineView. This streamlines their wine programs, giving restaurants the ability to manage inventory, track sales, and help train staff on their specific wine list. This integration not only saves time for beverage directors and managers, but also increases efficiency and accuracy - all things that build confidence in servers when interacting with guests.

WineView is the only platform in the industry with the capability to help restaurants and customers in their wine selection process. This POS integration represents the first of its kind for an all-in-one system with respect to wine. “Our software can be incorporated with any point-of-sale system in any restaurant. Furthermore, it provides employees with a pre-shift training tool, helping them to manage sales and upsell higher-quality wines.

Following frequent staffing shortages, especially during the post Covid-19 era, many new servers lack the training and expertise to guide customers through the wine selection process. This results in fewer wine sales. WineView solves this problem by allowing even the newest server to confidently recommend wine to every guest, every time. The platform also allows customers to make their own well-informed choices, should the restaurant decide to use QR codes.

"It is truly a great achievement to be included on the platform of this innovative and successful point-of-sale giant. As the only platform that offers guidance on pairing wines with meals, we believe that this integration will allow restaurants to exceed customer expectations. More restaurants are recognizing the necessity to deliver a more personalized experience to guests. WineView is not just another add-on, but can completely change the script in terms of elevating the dining experience for servers and guests alike,” says Gary Campbell, Co-founder and CEO of WineView.

As the demand for better dining experiences continues to grow, restaurants are seeking seamless solutions to accomplish wine pairings with meals. This new solution is well-positioned to meet that need.

About WineView

WineView was founded on the premise that “everyone should be able to enjoy great wine”. Through powerful technology and a database of over 400,000 wines and 250,000 recipes, WineView is a unique product that helps everyone choose the perfect wine with their meal. To learn more visit WineView’s website.

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