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Callity launches its curated cybersecurity vendor sourcing platform for CISOs

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Callity launches its cybersecurity vendor sourcing platform, targeted at organizations' chief information security officers and filtering out marketing language

Alameda, California, 03/08/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Business-to-business (B2B) cybersecurity startup, Callity, has launched its cybersecurity vendor sourcing platform that offers a tech-enabled concierge service, connecting cybersecurity buyers to vendors while bypassing traditional sales and marketing channels.

The platform is especially targeted at chief information security officers (CISOs), matching them with the vendors that best suit their organizations' needs. Callity's hybrid platform provides tailored recommendations containing curated and vetted vendors, which are chosen based on the information provided by the buyer organization, including its industry, security stack, and budget.

According to Callity founder and CEO, Victoria Germanova, CISOs are inundated with advertisements and pitches from persistent sales and marketing personnel, due to the high number of cybersecurity vendors that have entered the industry. Meanwhile, the large intermediary and advisory companies tend to provide “one-size-fits-all” advice that doesn’t change as contracts approach renewal, despite the fast pace of innovation in this space. CISOs are also under pressure to justify their cybersecurity spend to the company's leadership.

Germanova says the Callity platform helps solve these issues by filtering out the “marketing fluff” by providing straight-to-the-point data on vendors, which are continuously verified and graded. Callity works with all vendors and treats them equally – with no “preferred” status for sale. Buyers also have confidentiality, and cannot be contacted by vendors prior to matching.

“According to our research, 99.87% of vendors' cold outreach does not end in a closed deal. There's so much wastage in this sales channel. Many senior, serious buyers are frustrated when dealing with junior sales reps who cannot provide important information eg: pricing, integrations or technical specifications. On the other hand, the big intermediaries are slow to pick up on innovative new vendors, gaining ground against the large familiar names. Callity recognizes that not all buyers are the same, curating our recommendations to each buyer’s unique needs profile,” Germanova says.

Callity's platform currently covers around 120 vendors, rapidly expanding week-on-week. In case none of these vendors fit a buyer's requirements, Callity will continuously search the industry for qualified vendors then bring them on board its roster. Over time, Callity hopes to get to complete coverage of the cybersecurity landscape, and then expand to other complex B2B markets eg: data, infrastructure, and developer tools.

Callity states that it plans to add AI-powered buyer support onto its platform, further automating the process of shopping for vendors. The learning language model powered assistant will guide buyers through the marketplace by asking targeted questions about their organization and its needs, further strengthening the platform's ability to quickly curate high-quality vendor recommendations.

“We know that CISOs are very technical and place importance on staying on top of innovation. Our platform gives them back their valuable time and wasted capital. By taking away the smoke and mirrors of how vendors market themselves today, we are providing CISOs with a new way to research and discover solutions best suited to their organization’s specific cybersecurity needs,” Germanova concludes.

About Callity:

Callity is a cybersecurity-focused buyer-vendor matching platform and top-of-funnel procurement manager. It aims to bring trust back into buyer-vendor relationships, and help the cybersecurity market run more efficiently with less wasted time and spend.

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