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Coinable Announces New Web3-powered Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Last updated Wednesday, March 8, 2023 11:27 ET , Source: Coinable

Coinable’s new app will allow users to buy and sell goods using cryptocurrencies, as well as invest in crypto assets. This serves as a gateway for more people to enter the cryptocurrency space.

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Coinable has launched its new consumer-to-consumer (C2C) cryptocurrency marketplace app that allows users to buy and sell goods using cryptocurrency as a means of exchange.

The app is a secure way to convert items into cryptocurrency for a wide range of goods and services. Users can also create online shops on the marketplace and list products for sale, which can be bought using a variety of supported cryptocurrencies. The proceeds will then be directly deposited into the seller’s wallet. Buyers can select their favorite shops, which allows them to receive notifications whenever their preferred sellers put something new up for sale.

Coinable also has a crypto wallet feature that allows users to create new wallets, link existing wallets, and access third-party wallets. This makes Coinable a safe and direct way for users to access and manage many crypto assets, with over 100 cryptocurrencies accepted.

To make the sales process more secure, the Coinable app implements an escrow system, where the money paid by the buyer is stored in an escrow account until they have received the item. Once the buyer has confirmed that they have the item and are satisfied with their purchase, the funds are released to the seller. Sellers who would like to boost their listed items to the top of the search results can pay for a subscription-based service, giving their business more visibility.

According to Coinable founder, Noah Gray, he created the Coinable platform to allow people to use cryptocurrencies for their original intended purpose, which is to act as a medium for commerce. While some people remain unaware or hesitant of crypto, Gray hopes that Coinable will make the use of crypto more common as a realworld payment.

“There’s still a steep learning curve when it comes to crypto, so we want to make it accessible to the average person. Using a crypto platform to buy items in a similar way to other e-commerce stores, will make it easier for people to transition into this space. For people who have no idea how to even begin with crypto, this is a really easy access point for that, allowing them to gain cryptocurrencies by selling household items like furniture and clothes. And, for people who are already into crypto, Coinable gives them an avenue to use it, rather than holding on to it indefinitely.”

Moving forward, Gray says that Coinable plans to move beyond C2C commerce and allow businesses on the platform. It is also looking to implement a rewards system that will allow users to gain points with each purchase, and these points can be used to buy items on discount. They are also planning to release a debit card that allows users to access any funds accumulated via the Coinable app.

Name: Noah Gray

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