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HakDefNet Launches The Social Network Shaman YouTube Channel To Address the Social Media Mental Health Crisis

Last updated Wednesday, March 8, 2023 11:24 ET , Source: HakDefNet

HakDefNet is releasing video content relating to their application Social Network Shaman on their YouTube channel. Their objective is to soothe the harmful effects social media has on people.

Bramsche, Germany, 03/08/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

HakDefNet’s application, Social Network Shaman, has now created a YouTube channel to give anyone in need public resources to battle social networks’ dangerous effects. Social Network Shaman is examining scientific research on binaural beats to develop videos to reduce sleep deprivation, anxiety, and depressive symptoms associated with social network dependency.

Social Network Shaman believes their relaxing content will reach wider audiences on Youtube in addition to their app because YouTube is a publicly accessible platform. YouTube has recently become more community based as well with the addition of a tab dedicated to this purpose and Social Network Shaman utilizes that function.

By uploading informational and soothing videos, a small amount of Social Network Shaman’s solutions will be more visible to people who might not know about them. Social Network Shaman hopes to demonstrate that others are struggling with their mental health because of social media and the viewers aren’t alone. Their Youtube channel is continuously being updated and new videos will be released soon.

Social Network Shaman does not allow cyberbullying, or any aggressive comments on their channel and removes any instance of such because it directly violates their mission to reduce the effects of cyberbullying. Channel content reduces the harmful effects to well-being caused by social networks and their audiences’ toxic behavior. Through this new channel, Social Network Shaman hopes to educate the public about the dangers of social media that are often overlooked. They understand social media is a common part of the modern world, but advise users to mindfully balance their consumption with activities that take them away from the toxic environment social media can create.

Outside of their YouTube channel, Social Network Shaman’s app is a private, secure location to learn about the negative effects of social media and access additional services that aren’t available otherwise. Software to detect deep fake content from photo, video, and audio is one of their premium features on the app. Exercises to relieve mental health symptoms and educational information are also available on Social Network Shaman. These abundant resources can be accessed online or offline through a paid membership.

“Our new Social Network Shaman YouTube channel is important because people get to see some aspects of our services for free without being a member of the app. Right now we have shorts and also longer videos on our channel. They’re a combination of meditation audios to help you relax and sleep better and also videos sending messages to people that are looking for support. I made this YouTube channel because I'm interested in reaching the people who are looking for something, but don't know what. They're suffering from mental health issues and I want them to have the YouTube Channel as the first place they can look to for assistance that costs nothing. The Social Network Shaman now also has a free tier which allows users to test content more confidently.” says HakDefNet CEO, Michael Goedeker.

About HakDefNet International:

Founded in 2016, HakDefNet International is an IT consulting company specializing in cybersecurity, ransom and malware protection, and more. Through their research, HakDefNet shields customers from attacks and safeguards critical data from being lost. HakDefNet was founded by Michael Goedeker and is based in Bramsche, Germany. They are well known for their app Social Network Shaman app that detects toxic users online and provides resources against cyberbullying.

Media Contact:

Name: Mike Goedeker

Email: [email protected]

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCndfQ_AbRzVFhfJrgfrX9rg

Apple App: https://apps.apple.com/ng/app/socialnetworkshaman/id1631278186

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pts712u6766r.pwl1o7tzapp&gl=US

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