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AirMatrix onboards Alexandra Letts and Christian Daly as part of their ongoing growth.

Last updated Friday, March 10, 2023 12:45 ET , Source: AirMatrix

AirMatrix: announces onboarding of Alexandra Letts and Christian Daly to the executive team

Miami, Florida, 03/10/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

AirMatrix, a Toronto-based aerial traffic management software firm, announces the onboarding of Alexandra Letts and Christian Daly as part of their executive team. The company has already seen Letts and Daly’s expertise help advance their business and bolster their regulatory/legal affairs.

AirMatrix has hired Alexandra Letts as their new Chief Legal Officer. Letts, a well-respected company builder who brings extensive experience in early-stage startups, with a history of scaling them to over 2000 employees. With her deep understanding of regulatory and legal issues, Letts is a valuable asset to the AirMatrix team. Her expertise navigating these issues and working with law firms to design effective policies is highly regarded. In her previous role at Kaseya, an Insight Ventures backed company, Letts has proven herself to be a skilled professional in dealing with legal and regulatory matters through leading a $6.2B acquisition.

Christian Daly, a seasoned professional with a background in government relations and strategic partnerships, has been hired as the Executive Vice-President and Head of Government Relations at AirMatrix. Daly has extensive experience in managing government relations in venture backed companies . He has connections and relationships in state and federal governments, which will be valuable in the work AirMatrix does. He has previously worked with a fintech company, where he helped navigate them through regulatory issues and establish strategic partnerships. Daly also has a startup background and has founded and advised several companies.

David Schlosberg, who comes from a sales background, has also joined the AirMatrix team. As the company expands into new states like Florida, Texas, and California, they need an established head of business development for each region. David’s extensive experience in sales makes him a valuable asset to the team. He will work closely with the head of sales to establish new partnerships and help expand AirMatrix’s reach in these states.

“We are thrilled to have Alexandra, Christian, and David join our team. They are all exceptional professionals with vast experience in their respective fields. We believe they will be instrumental in advancing our business and taking AirMatrix to the next level”, says Bashir Khan, Founder, and CEO of AirMatrix.

AirMatrix believes that these new hires will be crucial in building momentum and strengthening the company’s foundation. The company is focused on recruiting and hiring expert company builders who are expanding the business in the right direction.

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