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Reinventing Workplace Wellness: Thrive360's Integrated Consciousness Approach

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Thrive360's platform takes an integrated consciousness approach to employee mental well-being, which gives tangible benefits to businesses, as well.

Austin, Texas, 03/10/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Thrive360, a mental well-being startup based in Austin, Texas, has reinvented the solution to the mental wellness gap within the workplace with a wellness platform that provides access to over 600 sessions and counting, of content created by practicing doctors and therapists, with an innovative 'integrated consciousness' approach. This approach has proven successful in reducing anxiety, increasing employee engagement, and lowering healthcare costs, among numerous other key metrics for organizations. They’ve even successfully helped not one, but two of their clients reduce turnover rates from over 50% to less than 15% by incorporating Thrive360’s platform into company culture. This mental wellbeing company has taken a unique strategy, and the results speak for themselves.

With an ever-growing presence of mental health issues, the well-being space in the US has become flooded with meditation and tele-therapy apps. To meet the employee demand, many companies are looking to implement employee wellness programs but are often disappointed with the content and results. Employee wellness, especially in today’s harsh workplace culture, is extremely vital for businesses. By ensuring the wellbeing of employees, companies can expect an increase in productivity, retention of staff, and better recruitment practices, thus improving the company’s bottom line.

To date,many of the platforms available to companies to address employee wellness are proving unsuccessful, as they don’t address all the important barriers. There is a huge shortage of mental health services in the US, with only 30 licensed professionals for every 100,000 people. This is creating a supply and demand issue with therapists and employee assistance programs, and teletherapy is unable to fully bridge this gap. In addition, around 60% of adults with mental health issues don't receive the care they need due to various hurdles, such as lack of funds and hesitance due to societal stigma of mental illnesses.

Thrive360 has built an employee benefits platform that addresses these barriers with an innovative and creative approach to employee wellness. Thrive360 has spent three years researching the various barriers to access to optimize how its platform can help bring mental health services closer to employees. The company identified the issues that people might deal with at various life stages and worked with licensed doctors and therapists who specialize in those particular areas to create content. Thrive360 addresses each topic with multiple providers and various therapeutic techniques, so that users can find what works best for them and what gets them the best results.

The Thrive360 platform offers sessions across a wide variety of topics, including sleep, mindfulness, pregnancy and parenting, depression, anxiety, and grief. There are also workplace-centered sessions, such as leadership, team communication, and having difficult conversations.

Thrive360's sessions are completely anonymous and confidential, and are accessible 24/7 on multiple devices, including PC, mobile app, and some in virtual reality. Sessions recreate the in-office experience with professionals, delivered at the employee's convenience. The program uses a unique 'integrated consciousness' approach, a clinically researched method that combines the conscious and the subconscious approaches to give more comprehensive results.

Christy Lamka, co-founder of Thrive360, says: “While almost every company has an employee assistance program in place, these generally have a utilization rate of below 5% nationally, because they're not built with human behavior in mind. There are various barriers, including lack of trust from people. Our platform was built to engage with people and help solve their issues through a guided and connected experience, where they can find the approaches and providers that best resonate with them.”

Thrive360 brings benefits not only to employees, but to employers, as well. Investing in mental health helps employees feel more positively towards working at the company, reducing employee turnover and improving retention rates. Better mental health is also linked with better physical health, so employees are less likely to take sick days. Thrive360 has proven how their platform can benefit companies through clinical trials and studies.

“Thrive360 takes a preventative approach, which is much more effective than purely reactive measures. It pays for companies to address mental wellbeing upfront, and our platform can help provide skills and resources for their people to cope with problems and manage their mental wellness, resulting in happier and healthier employees. Organizations that want to take meaningful steps to support their employees and their bottom line should invest in a validated approach that’s built with those employees in mind,” Lamka concludes.

About Thrive360

Thrive360 is a mental well-being startup based in Austin, Texas, founded by Joe Woskow and Christy Lamka in 2019. Its extensive mental and emotional well-being platform uses a wide variety of approaches to provide medically and scientifically proven mental well-being services to employees and individuals, delivered through an on-demand multi-device platform that complements any schedule and preference.

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