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Fitness fiends, the future of fitness

Last updated Monday, March 13, 2023 15:03 ET , Source: Fitness Fiends

Fitness Fiends is a UK based company that is revolutionising the fitness industry through merging it with web3 and the metaverse in order to be able to offer an all new way of getting fit.

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Fitness Fiends is a UK based company that is revolutionising the fitness industry through merging it with web3 and the metaverse in order to be able to offer an all new, immersive and personalised way of getting fit.

The Fitness Fiends NFT collection is the foundation of what is to become a huge fitness ecosystem. These NFTs will be your gateway into all of the current and future utilities on offer. The beauty of using NFTs as memberships is that it ensures only likeminded, fitness and NFT enthusiasts become a part of the project, thus strengthening the community.

Utilities aside, the artwork itself really is something special. This isn’t just another 2D collection of apes or bears, the quality and depth of this 3D artwork really is incomparable. 7 different characters, over 100 unique traits, male, female and non-binary, there is nothing else like it out there.

The Utilities
Fitness Fiends are one of the very few out there to offer both real world and digital/metaverse utility and the one that really sets them apart from the rest is the gym membership. By holding a Fitness Fiend you will have access to the Fitness Fiends gyms for free. The first of their locations is in the south east of England with new gyms arriving annually across the UK and eventually, the world. 

Product claiming is possibly where most holders will see a great ROI. Fitness Fiends will be making products free to claim for all holders, no matter where they may be in the world. The first of these products is the shaker and this will be claimable within the first 6 weeks of mint. With an RRP of $10, being able to claim one of these for free is a great way to start.
The Metaverse
There’s no debate that the metaverse is going to become and integral part of the fitness industry. An immersive workout experience that is accessible from the comfort of your own home has never been required more and Fitness Fiends intends to be at the forefront of it. The metaverse won’t just be a space to workout but also to socialise and game with like-minded people across the world. Essentially becoming the worlds local gym.

To ensure their gyms will only be of highest of quality, Fitness Fiends has partnered up with Matrix, a leading name in the world of fitness to not only design a unique gym environment but to supply state of the art equipment.

The Launch
Fitness Fiends is set to launch on March 18th for whitelisted members with minting available to the public 24 hours later. Not only does gaining whitelist allow you early access but you can mint for 30% off. With supply capped at only 6,666, I think it’s safe to say these are going to get snapped up in no time at all!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FitnessFiends_
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