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Zynex Announces NexWave Electrotherapy Device As A New Approach To Pain Management

Last updated Monday, March 13, 2023 12:51 ET , Source: Zynex

Zynex promotes their electrotherapy device NexWave that provides short and long term pain relief without side effects.

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Medical equipment manufacturer Zynex launches NexWave, their pain management electrotherapy device obtainable with a prescription. By sending an electric signal to the brain from the central nervous system, pain is immediately masked and no longer sensed. This electric signal is introduced between nerves and the central nervous system synapses in the brain when pain happens within the body. Pain medication achieves a similar effect to the NexWave, but Zynex’s device gives pain relief 50 times stronger than cheap TENS devices without side effects.

NexWave is a safer alternative to the typical pain medication prescriptions. Pain medication consumption can cause allergic reactions, addiction, organ damage, and digestive problems among other issues. Many patients receive pain medication as the only treatment for their pain, which has been abused by patients. This has caused the opioid epidemic in the United States, which is why there’s such a huge demand for pain management without dangerous side effects.

A common demographic using this device has often undergone hip, knee, ankle, or shoulder surgery, but any kind of pain can be lessened. NexWave can be used on a short or long term basis for debilitating pain and works as a replacement for pain medication. However, if a patient would like to continue taking medication while using NexWave, simultaneous use is possible if the pain is very severe. When used together, the negative side effects pain medication has will visibly reduce because less medication will be necessary.

NexWave also increases blood circulation and allows more natural movement, which results in quicker rehabilitation times and improved quality of life for patients suffering under these conditions. Zynex’s device is made for at home use and is more powerful than similar equipment available without a prescription. This is because NexWave channels two high frequencies in its electrical output and delivers a higher amount of electricity with its productive design.

NexWave is Zynex’s best selling product because patients and doctors recommend it frequently due to its fantastic results. Other popular products sold by Zynex include stroke rehabilitation devices, incontinence treatment, hot and cold therapy, and at home cervical traction. Specifically for joint surgeries, Zynex has osteoarthritis braces, post operation knees braces, and back braces.

NexWave is a better approach to pain management than prescription medication and can be used long and short term. This device is reinventing pain management through physical responses rather than medication.

Zynex is a profitable company strategically positioned in the market for 27 years and has two divisions serving multiple needs in the medical field. Their two divisions are Zynex and Zynex Monitoring Solutions. The innovative devices in the hospital monitoring division are still in development and not yet released to the public, but they are expected to bring in demand equipment to medical professions that are looking for more reliable devices. One of those devices is a laser based pulse ox monitor, this monitor has the potential to replace all existing pulse oximetry. Pulse oximetry is currently the biggest market in medical devices world wide.

About Zynex

Zynex is a medical equipment manufacturing company that creates, designs, and markets products. Zynex provides at-home electrotherapy medical devices. Zynex Monitoring Solutions produces cardiac monitoring devices and Zynex NeuroDiagnostics develops EEG and EEG applications. Zynex was founded in 1996 and has been named on Forbes’ 2023 Small Business list.

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