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Soal Wellness Continues to Offer Revolutionary Wellness Care for Scottsdale Men and Women

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Scottsdale-based Soal Wellness by Dr. Julie Hinman offers holistic wellness, medical weight loss, sports nutrition, and functional medicine. address sickness causes and build client relationships.

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Soal Wellness is excited to kick off 2023 and continue to offer holistic wellness services, medical weight loss programs, and sports nutrition for men and women in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. Located at 2980 E Northern Ave # B3, Phoenix, AZ 85028, Soal Wellness is a perfect alternative for people fed up with impersonal medical care practiced by most primary care providers.

Dr. Julie Hinmal
Dr. Julie Hinmal (owner Soal wellness llc)

Soal Wellness was founded by Dr. Julie Hinman, family nurse practitioner and mother of three littles, because of her desire to offer an alternative to traditional medicine and the constant revolving door of clients. Instead of masking symptoms with medication like traditional primary care offices, Soal Wellness aims to form ongoing, lasting relationships with their clients so they can truly learn about all the factors that may be affecting their health to create wellness from the inside out.

Their goal has been and will continue to be simple: to help you achieve yours. Soal Wellness has excitedly expanded their menu of services as they’ve grown, and they now offer their clients the following:

  • Medical Weight Loss: Whether you only have a few pounds to lose or a more significant amount, Soal Wellness has got you covered. All of their medical weight loss programs are personalized because they don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. From the start, they will work to gain an understanding of your lifestyle, goals, as well as biometric factors that may be affecting your inability to lose weight. They will work with you to develop a personalized plan based on nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset. It’s no secret there’s no magic pill to weight loss, however they fully recognize that medical assistance may be needed to help support a healthy weight loss.

  • Sports Nutrition: Dr. Julie is an athlete herself, and understands the importance of sports nutrition to reach fitness goals. Whether you are a competitive athlete, bodybuilder, or a weekend warrior, dialing into a customized nutrition plan could be the difference-maker you’ve been looking for. Soal Wellness creates personalized nutrition plans based on your fitness level and goals, and can help you level up.

  • Functional Medicine: At the heart of all Soal Wellness does is functional medicine, or rather, a holistic approach to creating wellness. The Scottsdale-based practice doesn’t believe in merely treating symptoms with medicine, but rather working to understand the root cause of illness and how all the body systems are interconnected. For patients suffering from various symptoms, including difficulty losing weight, pain and inflammation, low energy and fatigue, gut and gastrointestinal issues, stress and anxiety, insomnia, and beyond - Soal Wellness is ready to help you get on the path to true wellness.

If you’re interested in learning more and discovering a revolutionary way to access health care, contact Julie at Soal Wellness via email, [email protected], or via phone by calling 602-730-4535.

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