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How Seeteria will bring a change to workplace safety: Aiding in the prevention of accidents and injuries

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Seeteria is a company that is dedicated to reducing workplace accidents and injuries caused by forklifts.

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The industrial workplace and safety market is quickly expanding and working to add more and improved safety conditions for workers around the globe. Despite these advances, in 2021 there were 5,190 workplace fatalities in the United States of America.

In 2020 the European Union conducted an analysis of accidents in the workplace and found that 30% of non-fatal accidents occurred in industrial and manufacturing worksites. Accidents in the workplace can not only lead to injury and death but also reduce global GDP by 4% each year.

Manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics are greatly affected by the decrease in productivity stemming from workplace injuries. Most accidents in the workplace come from vehicle accidents such as forklifts, track lifts, and tractors.

Seeteria is a company that can alleviate injuries and accidents in the workplace. They will achieve this through the utilization of their AI technology-based solution that will reduce the probability of workplace accidents on manufacturing sites, warehouses, logistic centers, and distribution centers.

Seeteria is developing a SaaS cloud-based software solution that empowers a company’s existing facility video cameras by integrating AI capabilities and Metaverse technologies to identify and predict, in real-time, risks in the workplace where people and vehicles collide.

As a result, the solution system can simulate endless scenarios of how an object will behave in the future. It is the core of the solution's ability to predict when an activity will create elevated levels of risk and result in an accident. The venture will leverage existing CCTV cameras into actionable safety tools.

Manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics are often fast-paced work environments with many different moving parts. This can create a potential for accidents and injuries as workers are highly focused on their jobs and may not be able to notice potential risks for injuries. Although there are many solutions to prevent injuries in the workplace there is still a large amount of workplace injuries that occur every day of every year.

Seeterias SaaS software will be integrated with sirens and other accident prevention alarms that will alarm workers before a potential accident takes place. The software will connect to CCTV cameras that are already in the building. They will then take the analysis of the video through the Cloud where they can formulate the proper warnings for a company’s specific workplace.

Objects are analyzed for patterns in their performance, such as the movements of individuals in all parts of a facility including production halls, packaging rooms, and transportation yards. Seeteria’s SaaS will help not just workers but managers as well. Seeteria is working on building an online dashboard for managers which will enable them to better learn what areas of the workplace are dangerous and make staff aware of those areas.

In three years Seeteria aims to be the complete solution to preventing industrial, storage, and logistic center accidents in the workplace. They plan to improve the safety of all aspects of those workplaces including vehicles, robotics, production and assembly lines, and PPE. No software will need to be installed as Seeteria will monitor all data through the use of the Cloud. This will allow Seeteria to aid companies in preventing injuries while increasing profits as fewer accidents result in more work getting done which increases profits.

About Seeteria:

Seeteria is offering a SaaS cloud-based solution that utilizes a company’s existing CCTV camera system. Seeterias advanced AI computer vision technology actively tracks and monitors employee movement. This advanced technology allows Seeteria to predict accidents before they occur and allows workers to take action at the appropriate time. Therefore, preventing injuries, and fatalities while saving the company time and money that can be a result of such accidents taking place due to work stopping.

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