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Ritual Reveals Its Smokeless Shop Model In Colorado’s Cannabis Scene

Last updated Thursday, March 16, 2023 16:29 ET , Source: Ritual

Smokeless cannabis shop Ritual Colorado announces their methodology to promote vaporizer equipment rather than combustion.

Denver, Colorado, 03/16/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Cannabis equipment retailer Ritual Colorado has announced their methodology to reinvent the smoke shop experience by providing education on the latest generation of vaporizer devices, and molding cannabis culture to be more inviting to the general population. Founded in 2021 and located in Denver, Ritual Colorado developed this approach to the cannabis industry because no local retailer was selling quality vaporizing equipment. Many seasoned smokers also don’t know about the benefits it brings compared to traditional methods of consumption.

Ritual’s dry herb vaporizers pass hot air over ground herbal material that evaporates active components from the substance for easy inhalation. The end result will produce a golden brown material and can be removed after a session ends to be discarded or used for home-cooked edibles. Vaporization is a preferable method compared to combustion because it’s more efficient, lowers carcinogen inhalation, and eliminates the foul odor combustion causes.

Ritual estimates that vaporization is about 50% more efficient than combustion because the high temperatures from a flame destroy large amounts of active compounds within an herb and result in faster product usage. When smokers switch to vaporizers, their daily consumption reduces dramatically and they still get the same effects.

Additionally, burning herbs with a flame introduces dangerous compounds that can be inhaled and cause health issues. These carcinogens have the possibility to cause health issues. Vaporization differs from combustion because no flame is used to burn the herb, which means no ash is created and carcinogens are decreased.

Finally, combustion produces a very off-putting smell that can be uncomfortable even to regular users. The odor is very hard to prevent and eliminate when the substance is burnt with a flame. When vaporizing, the majority of this smell isn’t present, which makes smoking these substances much more socially acceptable.

Big name retailers aren’t manufacturing products that utilize high quality materials to provide a safe and enjoyable smoking experience, which is why Ritual partnered with premier manufacturers around the world. Ritual has a strong focus on the safety aspect of their devices, they use materials that protect smokers from any harmful substances.

Ritual wants to turn the industry and concept of smoke shops on its head by giving accessible product knowledge from an experienced and knowledgeable team of staff, creating an inclusive atmosphere, having the best vaporizers available and never selling or promoting nicotine products.

Ritual doesn’t sell nicotine products because promoting cannabis and the specific method of vaporization is their exclusive aim. They currently hold in-person demonstration events to educate consumers on their products in a hands-on manner. In addition to this, Ritual will further offer a refined smoke shop experience that isn’t intimidating by incorporating technology in-store that shows inventory and educational material.

Ritual launched as an e-commerce website in 2022 and plans on opening a retail branch in the near future. As a company, Ritual wants to grow and innovate the cannabis industry so people that have not been actively involved are welcome and encouraged to explore.

Ritual’s equipment is legal in all States and internationally because they are not cannabis specific devices and can be used with a wide variety of herbal and botanical substances, like lavender, camomile and lemongrass.

About Ritual Colorado

Ritual is a reinvention of the traditional smoke shop with a focus on customer safety and clean design. They carry the latest dry herb vaporization and dab devices as well as styling glass and accessories. Ritual was founded by Patrick Bitting in 2021 and is based in Denver, Colorado. They aim to reinvent the smoke shop experience and provide education to their customers about the healthiest methods to consume their substances.

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