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Colucent Environmental Unveil New Environmental Strategy Services for Nature-positive Outcomes

Last updated Friday, March 17, 2023 18:13 ET

Colucent Environmental announces new environmental strategy services, developed to create nature-positive outcomes for the environment.

Ontario, Canada, 03/17/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Colucent Environmental is announcing their environmental strategy services that advise private sector clients how they can develop nature-positive outcomes that benefit current business methods.

The environmental strategies developed by Tom Hilditch, CEO of Colucent Environmental, prioritize the reinvigoration of wild lands and habitats that have been destroyed or negatively impacted by human interference.

One way Hilditch does this is by advising clients to use the 30 by 30 method when developing the land mass they own. This approach was proposed in November 2022 by an international summit that several government bodies and private sector professionals attended. The goal is to define 30% of the earth’s lands and waters as protected by 2030. This would mean that natural spaces would flourish and grow over the years.

From a financial perspective, clients who participate in 30 by 30 plans for their new projects will quickly reduce the processing time needed for environmental approvals, so they can begin construction.

Additionally, clients will lead their industries by meeting or exceeding the biodiversity targets their competitors haven’t correctly navigated. This results in higher profits, increased employee satisfaction, and a boost to a company’s reputation. Since Colucent is run by industry expert, Tom Hilditch, a private plan for each client can be drafted, so greater benefits can be reaped. Some examples include increased development density and higher agricultural yields.

Colucent Environmental is also doing their part to promote nature-positive outcomes through offsetting and innovating development approaches. Strategies they recommend include; protecting and restoring habitats, breeding endangered species, and returning them to the wild. As a result, some Canadian organizations have been carefully breeding and returning animals and plants to nature, seed collectors are also playing an essential role in growing native plants in neglected wild areas.

Says Tom Hilditch, “By taking a nature-positive model to my client base, companies will grow their revenues, save nature, and increase employee satisfaction through protecting the environment. By helping developers design communities where people and nature intersect, people will be more knowledgeable about their environment, become true nature lovers, and receive psychological benefits. We're creating spaces where families are going to grow up learning more about nature and increasing the positive environmental impact of space development.”

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