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Columbia College Announces Funding Round To Increase Students’ Economic Mobility

Last updated Friday, March 17, 2023 12:59 ET

Columbia College is being funded to develop two exciting opportunities for students to explore the IT industry through paid internships with Silicon Valley companies.

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Columbia College recently received funding to develop two new programs for students interested in information technology (IT). Both opportunities are under development and are partnered with leading Silicon Valley tech companies.

A four-year grant of $500,000 has been awarded to Columbia College from the California Community College Apprenticeship Initiative to develop an IT pre-apprenticeship program. Certificates earned over four to six month periods will give students entry to supplemental experiences. Several local high schools are participating in this program and its development, and are anticipating positive results. After completing this program, students will leave as competitive candidates with valuable experience for entry-level roles in information support, as well as having access to new and lucrative work opportunities.

The second program under development will be held for three consecutive summers once established. As a result, underserved students will receive an engaging program that has never been offered at this scale in their hometown.

Selected students will develop software applications for the tech company involved in this initiative and get a glimpse into IT careers and their duties. Regardless of their decision to undertake studies in this discipline, they will have a valuable experience and a clearer understanding of the career they would like to pursue. This summer program also offers a course on college-and-career readiness to educate and inspire students to pursue higher education.

Participants in these programs will receive training and hands-on experience that make them competitive candidates for IT vocations and connect them with global positions.

Students living in the small town of Sonora, where Columbia College is located, will be able to increase their economic mobility after completing these programs because remote work and the growing industry will give them options for a more attractive salary without relocating. Companies and students will prosper from this exchange and the mindset of rural students will now consider greater possibilities in their professional future.

Columbia College president Dr. Lena Tran concluded:

“Through these programs we’re developing, Columbia College and our partners are rewriting the narrative that IT is a potential career path, even if you live in a rural area. We want students to see and experience the global opportunities they can access when they decide to enter the field of IT. Our students will have the chance to explore an industry and its benefits without risk. They can decide for themselves what they are passionate about, but overall we want them to see that rural students can achieve a level of success that rivals that of students from larger institutions.”

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