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How AI Will Continue to Change Online Dating

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Artificial intelligence is changing the game when it comes to online dating, and it’ll continue to do so well into the future.

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Artificial intelligence is changing the game when it comes to online dating, and it’ll continue to do so well into the future. There are a wealth of benefits that AI is already providing for the online dating experience. With online dating being the most popular way for people to make romantic connections in our modern society, AI will continue to have a significant impact on society as a whole.

According to the dating and relationship experts at DatingApps.com, AI and machine learning will continue to improve the matchmaking capabilities of online dating services. While AI is benefiting the online dating experience right now, it’s going to get much more beneficial in the future. Let’s look at how AI is impacting online dating today, and what that impact might look like in the future!

The Current Impact of AI on Online Dating

Artificial intelligence is already taking online dating to a more personalized and intelligent level. By analyzing reaction times, levels of emotional responses, and personalized data, AI is coming up with curated matches for online daters.

On Match.com, an AI chatbot helps users to find matches tailored to their interests. The name of the chatbot is Lara, and she interprets 50 different personal aspects to connect people to different users over casual conversation with someone seeking love. Lara adjusts match settings and suggestions based on the follow-up communication of her efforts.

On Badoo, facial recognition AI helps people to find matches that look like someone they want to date. By uploading a picture of someone you think is especially attractive, the app will find a similar-looking match for you. Obsessed with a celebrity? The AI will show you people who look like your famous crush. Missing your ex? You can find someone who has the same facial features. This is making online dating personalized on an entirely different physical spectrum.

Needless to say, AI is already making waves in the online dating pool. But what do future developments look like?

The Future Impact of AI on Online Dating

Now that we have an idea of how AI is currently impacting the online dating world, let’s take a look at where this relationship might be headed!

Intelligent Matchmaking

The use of artificial intelligence is making matches more specific over time. AI can learn what you like by watching how to react to different profiles, and use the data they glean to curate more personalized matches. Platforms are also asking for more voluntary information so that AI engines can work even more effective magic.

Identifying Catfish & Scammers

Artificial intelligence is making online dating platforms far more secure by getting better at identifying fake profiles over time. By looking at the data provided by the user and examining their profile, AI points out which profiles are likely to be fakes. With the use of AI, this process is instant, stopping scammers and catfish in their tracks before they can negatively impact the online dating community. This is making online dating platforms safer places to be, and the performance of this function is bound to improve given more time and development.

Scheduling Dates

AI is getting to the point where it can adequately sense when it’s time for you and the match you’re communicating with to think about going on a first date! At some point soon, it’ll be able to recommend when to ask someone out to meet in person. It could even go so far as to have someone’s availability visible to matches so that they can try and schedule dates with them, either virtual or in-person.

With the increased prevalence of video dating, this could create more opportunity for meaningful interactions to occur over online dating platforms. Not to mention, AI could help people choose the best type of date to attend based on people’s preferences, creating a more positive experience overall.

Implementing VR

Virtual reality can give AI room to tailor whole experiences for different matches. It can choose a perfect date for a certain match and take them there in real time! The partnership of virtual reality and artificial intelligence can make the future of online dating a fully customized experience. This can help people find love in exciting new ways.

Making Memberships More Worth it

There are plenty of online dating platforms that operate for free. Still, one of the most enticing reasons for people to upgrade to a paid, premium membership is the allure of having AI find them personalized matches. The better quality of the artificial intelligence, the more money a platform can potentially make. This supports the theory that AI will continue to become more incorporated into the online dating world, because it’s absolutely worth it for platforms to invest in. Putting money towards better AI will create more opportunity for income because more users will be enticed to upgrade to paid subscription memberships, even if they only receive one personalized match every month!

Virtual Partners?

There are some theories that artificial intelligence and virtual reality will combine to create people perfect, virtual partners that could potentially replace real people. However, this theory is not likely to come to fruition. Statistically, people aren’t excited about the prospect of having a romantic connection with a virtual being. While we may see an attempt at creating this type of partner in the future, it’s highly unlikely to create an effective replacement for real, human relationships. With that being said, there are a decent amount of people who wouldn’t mind having virtual and real-life partners, so this invention might gain some traction!


When it comes to online dating, some people are concerned that having robotic systems dictate such an emotional process could hurt the process. But as we’ve seen, there are numerous benefits that are already improving online dating platforms every day! From helping people find better quality matches to creating the perfect date experience, artificial intelligence has the potential to make online dating more meaningful. AI can effectively improve online dating, actually enhancing the emotional experiences users can have.

When AI is involved, people tend to trust the process more. That’s why so many people are willing to pay for personalized matches created through the use of AI. Also, trust on online dating platforms will be improved as AI continuously stops fake profiles from getting involved in the process.

It’s exciting to think about the potential of AI when it comes to online dating! As we continue to experience these innovations as a society, we’ll be able to have more meaningful experiences online. And improving the most popular way that we find love nowadays will make a significant difference in helping us find the love we’re looking for.

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