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Aflalo Communications on how podcasts can be an integral part of any business marketing strategy

Last updated Friday, March 24, 2023 15:09 ET

Marc Aflalo, Founder of Aflalo Communications, is an expert in video and audio production with 27 years of experience.

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As technology continues to shape the world we live in, more people and companies are realizing that the creation of content is an integral part of competing within the market.

The process of creating content has now become more personalized and enables people all around the world to make their voices heard. This has led to podcasts becoming a mainstream aspect of content creation. By creating their own podcasts people and companies are able to produce content in a way that best suits their individual needs while being in complete control of what their audience sees and hears. For a company, this can be another important avenue for marketing by reaching audiences in a very specific and targeted manner.

From an audience’s perspective podcasts provide a venue for people to learn from experts in many different fields, connect with content creators they follow, and be entertained in the process.

Creating audio content like a podcast can be a tricky thing to do as the best podcasts are able to tell a story and paint a picture with just sound. Audio by itself needs to do these things because if it doesn’t the audience can become disengaged with the content. For example, video production uses audio to enhance the senses and create a more complete experience for audiences. Taking away one of the elements of video or audio creates the potential for error.

One of the issues that presents itself with podcasts is the market is becoming diluted. This has happened due to the number of people creating podcasts that don’t have the proper tools or knowledge to create a successful podcast. A “bad” podcast does not necessarily mean a bad concept, as the downfall of many podcasts results from a lack of experience.

“Clients have come to me in the past with a strong concept and a good team behind them, but the content just isn't hitting the right note with their audience. Both my own and my team's experience combined allow us to look at the bigger picture and make content that will resonate with an audience. Such as bringing a personal and human element to the subject matter. This can be done by avoiding coming across as a sales pitch. For instance, if a company is doing a podcast on pharmaceuticals the best thing to do would be to interview someone who has benefited from the pharmaceutical and have them explain the ways it has helped them in everyday life.” Says Marc Aflalo, the founder, and CEO of Aflalo Communications.

“We work with clients of all shapes and sizes to not only create content that is compelling, but also make sure that the idea is right from conception to launching the podcast,” says Aflalo. “We guide clients through all aspects of Podcast creation. Such as what equipment to use, where to record, and of course, through the entire post-production process until a podcast is available to the public” says Aflalo.

Aflalo has always been fascinated by being behind the scenes and making things sound good and impactful, which comes from his time listening to old-fashioned radio plays where a picture is painted in somebody's mind through the use of sound. He turned this passion into the business that he now operates.

“I’ve been working in broadcasting for over 27 years and the kind of experience I have is where the stakes are the highest, when programming is live on the air to millions of listeners as it happens.” Says Aflalo. “In podcasting, we take the same approach to high quality but benefit from the fact that everything is recorded ahead of time. This way, there are definitely no excuses for bad quality or content,” says Aflalo.

A 2021 survey from Podcast Insights indicated there were over 2 million active podcasts worldwide and trends continue to show this number rising year on year. Standing out among that pool is more important than ever.

Companies come to Aflalo Communications to help build content for their expertise, and Aflalo Communications work with other experts in the field to ensure that they can provide the best possible outcomes for their clients. This collaboration between experts and clients is a surefire way to not only create compelling content but to build strong relationships that benefit the community as a whole.

“I’ve learned from my own experience that no one who says they can do it all, actually does. We surround ourselves with individuals who help to create the full solution.” says Aflalo. “Similarly, companies come to us for podcasting support because they know they can’t do it all themselves as well,”

There are over 380 million podcast listeners in the world, compared to the 2.1 billion users on the most popular video-based platform. Hence why the trend is moving more and more towards adding video to podcasts. Due to this 60% of companies experience a better audience connection due to adding video to their podcasts.

“In 2023 we will be producing over 2000 hours of video podcasts, so the trends are indeed moving in that direction,” says Aflalo. “Adding video is a whole new element and doing so with hosts and guests in remote locations is right up our alley. It brings everything back to our core experience in Broadcasting,” says Aflalo.

In conclusion, it is evident that the production and viewership of video content in podcasting have surged in recent years and are projected to keep growing in the coming decade. Therefore, businesses that are willing to invest in the additional resources required for incorporating video into their podcasts will undoubtedly have a significant competitive edge.


Aflalo Communications is a high-quality video and audio production company that works with clients to produce podcasts that will take their companies or people to the next level of podcasting. They do this by guiding people through all the steps of producing a podcast that will reach their audiences on a personal level.

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