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ProfitScraper Introduces AI Arbitrage

Last updated Wednesday, March 29, 2023 21:22 ET , Source: ProfitScraper

ProfitScraper, the reliable and innovative investment platform, announces the launch of its advanced AI-powered algorithm aimed at benefiting investors

London, United Kingdom, 03/29/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

ProfitScraper, the reliable and innovative investment platform, announces the launch of its advanced AI-powered algorithm aimed at benefiting investors. The platform's efficient arbitrage tool identifies price discrepancies across multiple centralized exchanges (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and instantly trades to ensure profitability for investors.

With ProfitScraper, investors enjoy automatic arbitrage, advanced risk management, and increased profitability, with rewards of upto 5.10% for every user, calculated from the time of deposit. Additionally, for every 100 BNB in the total smart contract balance, investors earn an extra 0.1%, making it an excellent opportunity for great returns.

The platform's unique earning system allows investors to increase their daily earnings by 0.05% and an additional 0.5% daily for holding ten or more BNB in their balance. Additionally, building an extensive network on the platform opens the potential for significant earnings through the referral program.

ProfitScraper's referral program is structured so that users earn 6% of the referred person's deposit amount for level-1 referrals and 3% for level-2 referrals made by level-1 referrals.

To incentivize users to make more referrals, ProfitScraper has introduced a weekly referral competition called the PrizePool. The top 10 referrers each week will receive a share of the PrizePool, which is 2% of all investments made in the previous week. Users can increase their chances of winning and earning more weekly by referring more individuals to the platform.

ProfitScraper's referral program and PrizePool competition offer users excellent opportunities to earn more through their network. With these features, investors can leverage their connections and expand their earning potential on the platform.

In sum, ProfitScraper is a comprehensive investment platform offering investors several ways to enhance earnings. It includes using AI-powered algorithms for automated arbitrage and referral bonuses.

How To Start Earning On The Profitscraper Platform:

To become a user of ProfitScraper, simply connect your Metamask Wallet or Trust Wallet to the platform, enter the amount you'd like to invest, and click on the "Deposit" button to start earning your profits.

From then, you earn 5.1% daily! Click "Claim rewards" to withdraw your profits at any time. The site provides incentives, a referral system, and other tools to boost revenues.

For more information about the platform, please visit our social media channels:

Site: https://profit-scraper.com

Support: https://t.me/profitscraper_support

Whitepaper: https://profitscraper.gitbook.io/profitscraper-whitepaper/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/proffit_scraper

Discord: https://discord.gg/qzzQfKjAgJ

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