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Viridis Terra Reveal Financial Expansion Plan for Large Scale Natural Capital Restoration

Last updated Thursday, March 30, 2023 12:49 ET , Source: Viridis Terra

Viridis Terra is bringing revolutionary solutions to the high output of carbon into the atmosphere, which has a negative impact on climate change.

Quebec City, Canada, 03/30/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Viridis Terra is restoring degraded and unproductive lands to bring back valuable natural resources while yielding financial returns for investors through their TreesOfLives fund in addition to certifiable and measurable carbon removal, biodiversity gain, and impact on the 17 SDGs.

Martin Beaudoin Nadeau, Founder and CEO of Viridis Terra, is a forest engineer by trade who grew up on a dairy farm and learned to appreciate the land as a resource, thus understanding that it needs to be cared for if it is to continue supplying important goods and services to our economy. When Martin was 19 he moved to West Canada to work in the natural resources sector. During this time he saw the impact that extracting natural resources had on the environment but also the importance of the sector on the economy, everything we create, build, and use is made of natural resources.

With contracts signed with current investors and corporation partners, Viridis Terra is working to change the way humans interact with the environment. They do this by transitioning from a purely extractive method, where the environment is degraded and maintaining the quality of the land is unsustainable, to a method that allows the environment to continue to naturally produce resources in a sustainable way through time. Currently over two billion hectares of land worldwide (2.5 times the size of the United States) have become unproductive.

Viridis Terra started solving this problem through large scale forest landscape restoration projects in countries around the world. They bring advanced technologies in order to quickly increase economic values of the land, so that they transform the cost of restoration into an impactful investment that generates returns. This allows the company to ensure real lasting climate impact and quality from carbon removal, generated through projects supporting net-zero and nature positive objectives of large corporations and institutions.

Viridis Terra is offering strategic carbon buyers, large corporations, and investors, to diversify their portfolios and to help the environment by supporting their projects. Their economic model mobilizes the private sector and implements biotechnologies, to increase productivity of the land. This has enabled the company to generate revenue, services and goods for landholders, communities, and sponsors of the restoration project.

By recreating nature, biodiversity, and restoring land that yields various returns on investment from carbon, nature positive commodities, biodiversity, and social impacts, they are removing the negative cycle of continuing to defrost and degrade the land. When the continuation of land degradation is eliminated, the environment begins to resume producing natural resources, which has a positive impact on the global economy.

Right now, Viridis Terra clients are mostly Fortune 500 corporations looking to secure their supply of lasting and durable nature-based carbon removal for the future to ensure they will be able to reach net zero. Viridis Terra is aiming to mobilize more institutional investors, which would result in a huge positive impact on the environment and the redevelopment of large land masses. The success would ultimately promulgate Viridis Terra’s product to smaller financial institutions and companies in the future.

“We want to show investors that if they get on board, they will start to make a real measurable positive impact on nature and climate and then, a few years from now, we plan to offer a product on the public market that will be accessible to individual, small, and medium sized businesses. We aim to reconcile Wall Street with the environment through our work, transforming the financial landscape into real impact investment creating wealth and prosperity for all,” says Martin.

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