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Marketing expert with humble beginnings is helping small businesses around the nation grow their brands

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Marketing Expert, Founder, and CEO of 44 Larkmoor, Christina Perozzi on the journey that shaped her business. Allowing 44 Larkmoor to provide marketing resources to small CPG companies around the US.

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Christina Perozzi, Founder and CEO of 44 Larkmoor Creative, is bringing her expertise in digital marketing strategies to small CPG companies around the United States.

Perozzi began a career working in the food and beverage industry after graduating from college and moving to Los Angeles. She began working in a bar where she was introduced to the wonders of the food and beverage industry. Perozzi learned how effective culinary education and word of mouth were for marketing.

Christina Perozzi, Founder and CEO of 44 Larkmoor Creative

Her passion for food led Perozzi to become an expert in marketing for the culinary industry. This began when she was working at a chef driven bar that had very rigorous requirements for deep food and craft beer knowledge. This led her to educate herself on all there was to know about the industry. This knowledge allowed her to pursue a career away from the bar where she could spread her knowledge through the creation of content.

The first of such creations led to Perozzi discovering that beer knowledge was empowering, and that leveling the playing field by teaching women about beer and representing real women in the industry was important, because at the time the majority of women represented in beer marketing were those wearing bikinis.

This led to Perozzi establishing a blog called, “Beer for Chicks,” which became a large success and led Perozzi to go on to co-author two books, “The Naked Pint: An Unadulterated Guide to Craft Beer” and a follow up called “The Naked Brewer: Tips, Tricks & Rule-Breaking Recipes” which were picked up by a major Publisher. Perozzi then founded The Beer Chicks, a marketing consultancy that helped the hospitality industry use beer knowledge for good and empower women, through education and fundraisers.

After the success of The Beer Chicks, Perozzi realized that the opportunity that existed in craft beer also existed in the natural food CPG world. The opportunity to educate the consumer about the details of where their food wanted to do more to help the industry as a whole and found the best way to achieve this would be through helping smaller businesses that are struggling to reach the right audience.

“I realized that the same spirit of innovation and ideas that excited me about the craft beer industry were equally prevalent within the culinary world as a whole, whether that be their care for ingredients, people, or customers. I also realized that the problems were the same throughout the industry, smaller, artisan businesses simply do not have the same resources as the large corporations that they compete against. This results in smaller businesses having no choice but to roll up their sleeves and become a jack of all trades, having no choice but to compete on an unfair playing field. ” Christina Perozzi added.

Perozzi wanted to work with smaller companies that did not have the luxury of taking a month to develop a $30,000 content strategy. Perozzi stated, “I’d seen how the craft beer brands and smaller companies needed marketing support, and I thought I had something to offer them that was as good or better than a big agency, but faster and at a reasonable cost.”

One recent marketing evolution that is helping Perozzi achieve her goals is AI, which Perozzi fully embraces. She uses it as a tool to help her team generate ideas, strategize, and develop campaigns. Perozzi says that using AI allows her to streamline the entire marketing process, lowering the prices, while increasing content volume and delivery speed for clients even further.

Perozzi not only uses AI to help her clients but actively teaches them how to utilize it on their own. Although in the long-term this could result in a loss of clients, it's important to Perozzi to aid small businesses in their growth. The company's long term goal is for every client to reach a point where they no longer need their services.

Perozzi calls 44 Larkmoor a ‘nano agency.’ Her practice is conducted remotely with clients and vendors all over the world. Her services are tailored to each individual client and each interaction starts with a simple conversation, to ensure the company fully understands its customers’ needs. This conversation changes with every client they deal with but can include aspiration aspects that touch on clients’ dreams of success, ideas of happiness, and vision for the world. She then puts together an omnichannel content marketing strategy with the goal of making those dreams a reality.

Perozzi is unique to the marketing industry because she has a great deal of experience in many different areas of the service industry. She’s worked for small and large corporations as both a buyer and a seller, which enables Perozzi to understand her clients on a personal level. Being a woman of mixed race also enables Perozzi to focus on how to bring underrepresented people and businesses into the larger marketing industry.

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