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Yogasuper - Migraine cap is a life-saver?

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Yogasuper - Migraine cap is a life-saver?

Tallinn, Estonia, 04/04/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

"Yogasuper" a brand born in Estonia, believes that all aspects of life can benefit from applying the principles of "Yoga" and one of the core aspect of "Yoga" is "Satya" (Truth), which is lot more than not telling lies; "Satya" (Truth) is the cosmic principle of Yogasuper.

Yogasuper has a very interesting product line, it includes Migraine relief caps (A non-drug way to relieve headaches), Pregnancy support belts, Jaw-trainers, Vegan (Certified by V-label Italia) & silk face sheet masks, Under eye masks and nutraceuticals. These products are currently available on pigu.lt, 220.lv & kaup24.ee. One of their popular product is Migraine relief cap.

Have you ever had a killing pain in your head, be it random or built over time for long? Well it might be a heavy headache resulting into migraines, which are extreme pains in a definitive region of the head that can occcur on one or both sides of the head in a specific location and then go from one location through the head.This can be a sharp pain, throbbing sensation or dull ache that develops gradually or suddenly and can last from less than an hour to several days.

The duration of these headaches can last from hours to week to months depending from person to person. These headaches of varying intensity are often assisted by nausea, sensitivity, to light and sound. Such headaches can be triggered by hormonal changes, certain foods, drinks, stress or excessive workout; longer period of these migraines, may hamper your way of living and working, gradually leading to your overall health decline.

Keeping that in mind, Yogasuper Migraine cap is a reliable & effective solution for pain relief. This cap has passed several tests and is highly anticipated by the scientific community over the other synthetic headache drugs available. The relief cap is a hot and cold therapy cap that offers full coverage for fast & natural relief from all types of headaches. It is first headache solution to offer 360 degree coverage with gentle pressure on each "point of relief" for instant & healthy headache relief. The base construction is a light-weight ultra soft fabric that fits all, meaning it is made of stretchable lycra material.

This is probably the best way to naturally relieve one's migraines witout using drugs. It provides relief by hot or cold compression; it compresses the blood vessels to reduce inflammation, which provides the base to advantages of Yogasuper headache relief cap as a safe, natural, non-toxic and instant headache relief cap. The use of hot or cold compression, which occurs in response to the compression on the head by the cap is helpful for humans because the constricted blood vessels around the head reduce the inflammation that cause pain, where at the same time hot compress relaxes the muscles in the head that melt away the headache. Therefore there is no harmful reaction that can occur at site. The cap wrap is available in black color as well, which can block the light as we relax, making it the best alternative to treat headaches, puffy eyes, bruises, swelling, pain, tension and sinus. It is user-friendly and handy, it can be used anywhere and anytime, So, its a must have kind-of product for all.



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