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SDRE Homebuyers Completes Next Set of Projects, Adding 15 New Units to the San Diego Market

Last updated Wednesday, April 5, 2023 12:52 ET

SDRE Homebuyers has completed their next four projects in San Diego, 15 units in total. Rents are projected to reach record highs in this area, making an attractive target for real estate investors.

San Diego, California, 04/05/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

SDRE Homebuyers has completed 4 housing projects in the San Diego area, marking their next top tier projects that the California-based real estate company has finished. The projects are located at Iroquois Avenue, Preece Street, North Elman Street, and 36th Street.

According to SDRE Homebuyers founder and CEO, Christian Spicer, the completion of these projects are an important milestone for the company, which was founded in 2020. These projects are amongst the largest projects SDRE has completed to date.

All four properties were first built in the 1960s, and SDRE Homebuyers renovated and upgraded the structures, as well as added several ground-up units. The Iroquois Avenue project was an existing duplex, while the other 3 were single-family houses. The four projects' completion will add 15 units to the already-competitive San Diego housing market.

The Iroquois Avenue project is close to the coast and it features breathtaking views of San Diego’s Mission Bay, especially during sunset. It has modern architecture and styling, and it adds to the neighborhood's property values. According to SDRE Homebuyers, it has received interest from other owners in the area to undertake similar projects on their properties.

SDRE Homebuyers estimates that the Iroquois Avenue project will break records for multi-unit property in the Bay Park area, which makes it an attractive target for investors. The company uses a swift development model, in partnership with a regulatory compliance expert, which helps avoid bottlenecks that could result in financial loss. As of February, home prices in San Diego were up 3.4% year-on-year, and the median price was $855,000. The rising housing demand in the area is attributed to an influx of major companies, which promises more economic opportunities for residents. This makes it a profitable location for investors amid an inflationary environment.

“We are excited to complete this next step in our company's evolution and look forward to even bigger projects on the horizon. Community support has been encouraging which is important to our company. This is just the beginning and our future holds even more significant projects” states SDRE Homebuyers CEO and founder Christian Spicer.

About SDRE Homebuyers

SDRE Homebuyers is a real estate investment group founded in 2020 and headed by Christian Spicer. The company consists of a group of housing experts who have industry experience, planning skills, and the capacity to carry out extensive research to give the company’s clients and investors the best possible service.

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