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ScholarTrip introduces service to assist universities in facilitating student travel

Last updated Sunday, April 9, 2023 22:04 ET

ScholarTrip assists educational institutions in organizing overseas study programs by handling flights and other logistical concerns.

Dallas, Texas, 04/09/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Student travel company ScholarTrip has introduced a one-stop travel agency service, partnering with schools, colleges, and universities for educational travel programs. ScholarTrip will handle all the logistical matters regarding the students' travel, including assistance during emergencies.

ScholarTrip says its travel industry specialist service can save the educational institution's time and money, sparing them the hassle of approaching airlines and hotels and trying to do these things on their own. Through its in-house call center, ScholarTrip also provides assistance to traveling students in the event of emergencies such as flight delays or cancellations.

Through ScholarTrip's partnerships with over 60 airlines flying to almost anywhere in the world, educational institutions can get the best airfare deals for their study trip or exchange student programs. ScholarTrip can also arrange for discounts for faculty members that will accompany the students on the trip. There is often a lot of confusion around booking airline tickets and the associated terms and conditions, and ScholarTrip can explain these to program administrators and counsel them on the best options, in terms of price and convenience.

In recent years, more universities have realized the important contribution of travel in providing a holistic education for students. These institutions are increasingly incorporating study trips and exchange student programs into their curricula, allowing students to see the world and exchange ideas and cultures with people overseas. This gives them a broader view of the world and helps them gain valuable knowledge that cannot be gained inside the classroom.

Kevin Chou, co-founder of ScholarTrip, says that the company came into existence in 2021, in the midst of the COVID pandemic. One of the two major players in the US student travel market went insolvent, and ScholarTrip was founded to fill in that void, especially as international borders started to open up towards 2022. ScholarTrip was able to bring in many of the former staff of the company that went out of business, and it was able to benefit from the growing demand from universities for logistics service providers for their resuming overseas study programs.

From a broader perspective, Chou says that ScholarTrip is engaging the student travel segment because travel demand is high among college- or university-age people. By providing excellent service and a good travel experience, ScholarTrip will be able to build trust with its clients and retain their business even after they finish school.

“We believe that you can't change the world if you haven't explored it. This is why traveling as a student is so important, because they can learn so much from a single trip, including skills that aren't normally taught in a conventional academic setting. ScholarTrip can help universities sort through the various logistical matters and provide assistance when needed, helping educational institutions and students navigate the complicated world of travel. Our aim is to be recognized as the go-to company that provides quality service in the student travel space, showing that the travel agency model is still relevant today.”

About ScholarTrip

ScholarTrip is a student travel company based in Dallas, Texas, catering to college-age travelers and educational institutions that organize overseas study programs. Through its partnerships with more than 60 airlines worldwide, ScholarTrip can provide substantial discounts on airfare, as well as provide assistance in case of flight delays and cancellations.

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