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Xiaoqi Zhou Establishes Music Platform for Asian Students Through ‘Coast of Sound’ Competition

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Xiaoqi Zhou, aka Soulgood Kid, has joined the 'Coast of Sound' judge panel. Her debut album 'Homegrown' has 700k+ streams, and her new single 'Everything Walks' is set for May 2023 release

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Xiaoqi Zhou, also known as Soulgood Kid, a rising music producer, singer-songwriter, and audio engineer, has made a significant impact on the music industry. Xiaoqi Zhou was named a judge for ‘Coast of Sound’ because of her outstanding achievements in the music and film industries. Her original Mandarin pop track, which also served as the theme song for the film ‘After Sunset, Dawn Arrives,’ won the Jury Award for Best Asian American Student Film at the 28th DGA Film Awards. Xiaoqi Zhou's inclusion as a judge for ‘Coast of Sound’ is an honor that further cements her reputation as a rising star in the music industry. Her passion, creativity, and unique approach to music-making have earned her respect and recognition, making her an inspiration to aspiring musicians worldwide. Joining Xiaoqi Zhou on the judging panel is Grammy Award-winning audio engineer and producer, Daddy Kev. The competition organizers have selected these two highly skilled individuals to ensure a fair and informed judging process, showcasing their commitment to finding and promoting the best talents in the industry.

‘Coast of Sound’ has emerged as a revolutionary music competition, making a tremendous impact on the music industry by providing a much-needed platform for talented Asian students to showcase their musical abilities. The event was a massive success, drawing in thousands of passionate music lovers who came to support the participants, creating an electric atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

The top five finalists won grand prizes to kickstart their music careers and were invited to perform at the World Journal Los Angeles event. 'Coast of Sound' made a significant impact on the music industry by bringing together diverse talents and promoting creativity and expression. The event showcased the unifying power of music and inspired joy and celebration among audiences.

Xiaoqi Zhou has also collaborated with Nice Life Recording Company, where she was tasked with recording and writing a Mandarin version of The Marías' Billboard No.1 hit 'Hush' from the album 'CINEMA', she was specifically requested by Bradley Haering, the President of Nice Life Recording Company to take on this project due to her outstanding reputation in the industry. Her exceptional vocal abilities and musicality were put to the test as she carefully crafted and delivered the Mandarin version of the song with precision and nuance. Xiaoqi Zhou's Mandarin version of the song not only translates the lyrics word-for-word but extends the meaning of the original English lyrics, bringing a new level of depth and emotion to the music. She skillfully conveys the song's themes of darkness, danger and vulnerability in a way that resonates with Chinese-speaking audiences.

Her musical skills and talent have also earned her an invitation from Daddy Kev to perform at Scenario 808, a prestigious event reserved only for musicians at the peak of their profession. This invitation is a testament to the high regard in which Xiaoqi Zhou is held in the industry and her exceptional talent as a musician and performer.

With her debut album 'Homegrown,' which has already garnered over 700k streams and 12k followers, Xiaoqi Zhou is a prominent figure in the music industry. Her music styles range from Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Electronic, which have earned her recognition for being prominent in the field of endeavor.

Xiaoqi Zhou's upcoming new single ‘Everything Walks’ is set to be released in May 2023. The fast-paced electronic tune will lift audiences off their feet with its exciting sound design and effects. With her talent and skill, Xiaoqi Zhou continues to make her mark in the music industry and gain recognition as a prominent figure in the field of arts.

For more information on Xiaoqi Zhou (Soulgood Kid), please visit her website at www.soulgoodkid.com.

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