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Legends, the No.1 GameFi on Arbitrum eco-system

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The most popular and attention-grabbing blockchain eco-system is none other than Arbitrum.

Manila, Philippines, 05/08/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

The most popular and attention-grabbing blockchain eco-system is none other than Arbitrum. Arbitrum is a Layer 2 scalability solution based on Ethereum aimed at solving the high transaction fees and network congestion problems of the Ethereum network.

Arbitrum eco-system has over a hundred projects that are developing comprehensively. Some of the most recent projects with surging token price growth and virus spread, have became hot tremendously. A large number of airdrops activities that benefit many participants on the ARB chain. However without utilities, these new projects are ethereal, they are more leaning towards meme coins as well.

LG(Legends), the most recent project on the ARB chain, has been trending tremendously due to the spontaneous participation of many users, the price has significantly increased by 15 times within three days of launch.

Why is LG (Legends) so popular? According to their official website and Twitter, LG is planning to launch the No.1 GameFi on the ARB chain, and the ecosystem has been largely deployed. From the perspective of the website and communities, their crew has a lot of experience in the field of GameFi. The dedication of LG crew is to be the No.1 GameFi on the ARB Chain.

The GameFi of LG is set against the backdrop of a Galactic Wars, with a storyline that involves saving the world from destruction. This aligns with the Western view of heroism. From the leaked of the GameFi, the game's actions, and effects are top level in GameFi. Along with the wholesome storyline and trailblazing plant to earn mode, it can be foreseen that a large number of users will be drawn into it.

The success of LG, aside from its gameplay level, the popularity of the ARB chain plays a vital role. LG has its own technical support to bring its project to reality, and by latching on to the popularity of the ARB chain.

LG has recently launched an airdrop activity, offering 42 billion tokens. At the current price of LG, it is around 300,000 USD. With the continuous increase in price, it is possible that by the day of airdrop, it will reach 600,000 USD or even higher. The airdrop will take place in early May, which is a paradise for users who participate and arbitrageurs. Users can simply log in to the LG official website to claim their tokens. It is estimated that each user will receive several hundred to several thousand tokens.

The development of blockchain cannot be separated from high-quality projects and profound technical solutions. The rise of Arbitrum chain represents a further innovation in terms of blockchain technology.

We hope that the projects on blockchain are truly high-quality and valuable, rather than just theoretical concepts or projects with zero utilities support. Only by having projects like LG with technical capabilities and real-world applications, users are able to participate deeply and boost the blockchain into a new era.

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