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Authenticus Launches Interactive Virtual 3D Walk-Through with Avatars Service for Properties

Last updated Monday, May 15, 2023 20:50 ET

Authenticus' interactive virtual 3D walk-through service allows various businesses, including builders, real estate, and interior design firms to give immersive virtual tours of properties.

Houston, Texas, 05/15/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Houston-based visualization technology provider Authenticus Inc. has unveiled its interactive virtual 3D walk-through service, which brings real estate marketing and sales efforts to the next level by enabling immersive virtual tours of a property.

The new technology allows builders, real estate agents, and interior designers to meet prospective buyers in a fully navigable, three-dimensional model of the property, where people can walk around and communicate with each other using personal avatars. According to Authenticus CEO Jay Schimpf, this can build rapport between staff and customer right from the beginning, without having to leave their home or office and even before an in-person viewing. It works on both computer and smartphone-based browsers, making it extremely convenient to access. Viewers can visit each room of the virtual property, such as the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, etc., either by independently controlling their avatar or clicking a room from a menu.

The property’s 3D model has life-like finishes and interactive selections, allowing viewers to change various features, such as colors, textures, and fixtures. Options are drawn from Autheticus' extensive library of real-life products, including flooring, countertops, masonry, tiles, and other surfaces. The property can be viewed from both the interior and the exterior, with the latter customizable to reflect the actual surroundings of the property.

Authenticus can offer the interactive virtual 3D walk-through service in a white-label capacity, allowing companies to display their logos on various areas of the property model and embed the platform on their own websites. Companies can choose to display slideshows on the TV screens within the virtual model, providing guests with more information about the property or the company.

Schimpf says the technology can also be used to host company meetings by functioning as a virtual conference room for employees, with each venue supporting up to 30 people. This provides a more immersive and engaging way for colleagues to communicate, compared to regular video conferencing platforms.

“Our new interactive virtual 3D walk-through service is a major game-changer for builders, real estate companies, and interior designers, as they can provide tours of properties to prospective buyers without having to travel, which saves both their and the clients' time. The customization options allow clients to better visualize the property and make changes according to their preferences. The innovative technology also works on most desktop and mobile browsers, eliminating the need to install external programs and increasing accessibility for everyone. We're excited to extend this offering to our business partners, helping them level-up their sales and marketing capabilities and increasing the chances of landing a sale,” Schimpf says.

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