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Gyfted Redefines Talent Acquisition With AI Job Matching Software

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Gyfted Redefines Talent Acquisition With AI Job Matching Software

San Francisco, United States, 05/15/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

San Francisco-based start-up, Gyfted, is transforming the recruitment industry with an innovative software service that anonymously pairs pre-qualified talent with remote job opportunities. The platform, which combines AI and behavioral science, is revolutionizing the way companies ensure a cultural and value-aligned fit between candidates and teams.

Gyfted leads in future of work job matching using a novel, candidate-centric approach to job search and recruitment. The anonymous job matching paradigm is earning recognition for its ability to mitigate unconscious bias while sourcing top-tier talent.

Born from the minds of a group of Stanford entrepreneurs and scientists, Gyfted is a candidate-centric platform that emphasizes alignment with company culture and values, rather than focusing solely on technical skill matching. They identified an ontology towards matching for both skills and non-skill based factors as a solution to the need for a more efficient and forward-thinking approach to recruiting, and have consequently built a platform that's redefining talent acquisition.

Gyfted offers an unprecedented pre-employment screening process, providing complimentary personality assessments to ensure career discovery and that each candidate's values align with potential employers. This focus on cultural fit is particularly beneficial for startups, where team culture and collaboration directly impact success.

The startup has created a layer on top of ATS’ that integrates smoothly and automates the recruitment process. This innovation has led to substantial time savings and cost reductions for businesses seeking the ideal candidate. One candidate, Sabrina, shared her positive experience, "Thanks for helping me find a job! I enjoyed the interactive assessment process and fast scheduling of interviews."

Gyfted is empowering candidates, recruiters and team leaders alike, while simultaneously improving diversity and eliminating unconscious bias. The platform only allows pre-screened candidates to apply for roles, ensuring only the most suitable candidates are considered.

In response to the rising popularity of remote work, Gyfted has positioned itself to cater to remote-first organizations. This feature allows founders to source talent from a wider pool, fostering a more diverse workforce and less biased decision-making. Robert, Gyfted's co-founder and CEO, articulates their mission, "We aim to simplify the recruitment process for both candidates and teams. We believe that a company's culture and values are just as important as a candidate's skills. By focusing on cultural and values fit, we help companies build cohesive, high-performance teams for the long haul. Our anonymous job search feature removes bias and attracts top talent to our customers."

Gyfted isn’t just about finding a job; it’s about finding the right job. Their advanced technology understands that job seekers are more than just a list of skills and experiences. The platform takes a comprehensive look at the candidate, evaluating their personality traits, values, and behavioral tendencies. This holistic approach ensures that individuals find roles where they will thrive and contribute positively to the company culture.

The Gyfted platform also presents a win for hiring managers. Recruiting the right talent is more than filling vacancies; it's about constructing a team that will drive the company forward. By ensuring that only pre-screened, culture-fit candidates are considered, Gyfted optimizes the hiring process, reduces turnover, and enhances team cohesion. As more organizations recognize the importance of a values-aligned workforce, Gyfted stands at the forefront of this new era in recruitment.

Gyfted's platform has saved users significant time in the hiring process. With its candidate-first approach and behavior-data-driven recruitment methodology, Gyfted is poised for continued growth as more companies acknowledge its value.

To learn more about how Gyfted can streamline your startup's talent acquisition process, visit their business website.

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