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Print.sa reveals how it became a leading print-on-demand service provider in Saudi Arabia

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Print.sa shares how it grew its business and became one of the top providers of print-on-demand services and other technologies in the market.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 05/15/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Print.sa, a Saudi Arabia-based printing and publishing technology firm, has revealed how it grew its business to become a leading provider of print-on-demand services in the country, with customers all over the Gulf region. It now has a network of more than 200 print and copy centers in 35 cities across Saudi Arabia.

The company, which was founded by Khaled Bamohamed in 2018, began with a mission to help students print their academic requirements, such as projects, research papers, and theses. It created a platform that allows students to upload their documents online for printing, as well as choose the type of paper, type of binding, and other characteristics. The students would then be able to claim the printed documents at the printing center once they were ready or be able to have the documents delivered as per their preferences.

Print.sa began its network with four copy centers, but it was able to rapidly expand its network of print and copy centers due to the high volume of orders it received.

Bamohamed later noticed that the company was getting many requests from authors who were self-publishing their books. He says that many authors wanted to publish their books online, and they also wanted to sell it through Print.sa, although it did not have such a service at the time.

In 2021, Print.sa signed a deal with a government organization for printing books on-demand, leading it to expand into this segment of the market. In 2022, the company opened its platform for book publishers, including self-publishing authors.

“Anyone can upload their books to our store and check the prices through our automated platform. They can indicate how much they want to sell each copy, and then they can publish. Today, we have books from more than 100 publishing companies and more than 500 self-published authors available on our store. Aside from Saudi Arabia, we also ship to other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, such as the UAE, Bahrain, and Oman. Prices are the same for GCC countries because of a trade agreement for all locations,” Bamohamed says.

According to Bamohamed, the printing-on-demand model allows readers to access older books that are already out of print, especially if they desire physical copies of the texts. It also makes it more affordable for readers in Saudi Arabia and the GCC to access books from other global regions, as the books can be printed locally rather than shipped in bulk from overseas.

The model allows self-publishing authors to test the market with fewer risks, as there is no need to print a large number of copies beforehand. Print Bookstore’s platform has an online dashboard that allows authors and publishers to monitor the demand for their books in near-real time.

Print.sa has also worked with numerous government and private entities in Saudi Arabia to assist with their campaigns to promote literacy and reading. It provides development and maintenance work for projects such as the “short story devices”, which were installed in the country’s airports and public locations. These machines can either print or provide a digital copy of an assortment of short stories that people can read while waiting. There are also phone booth-like areas where people can sample audiobooks, and, if they become interested in a particular title, they can scan a QR code to listen to the full work.

“Despite the name, we are not a printing company. We are a technology-based company that works to increase people’s access to books and knowledge. We work with many experienced entities in the market and facilitate the smooth transfer of technological solutions to promote literacy and the love for reading among the general public,” Bamohamed says.

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