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The Intentional Builder: How Matthew J Bunn is Single-handedly Revolutionizing The Construction Market

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CEO and founder of Wheelhouse Construction Services, Matthew Bunn, uses his company as a vehicle for passing on the talent of home building and other activities that connect us with deeper values.

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When he was just 15 years old, Matthew began working on a project with his father and brother that would change his life. Together they built their own house, and during this time period, Matthew learned everything he could about using raw materials and the tools any builder needs to craft a beautiful home. Having grown up in the trade, he developed his craft and knowledge of construction.

Matthew was always expecting to take on the mantle of the family business, but despite specific industry fluctuations, he challenged himself around the best way forward for his company. It was only through the realization that he needed help from the right people; that through networking, investing in his vision, and gaining the vital advice given by expert consultants, that Matthew managed to scale his business exponentially.

Matthew conducts business differently because he values integrity, authenticity, and a relationship-first approach. This gives him his hard-earned reputation for being trustworthy and authentic in the local community. Matthew's commitment to the environment has grown hand in hand with his passion for creating exceptional structures. As he carefully selects raw materials for his projects, he consistently prioritizes the integration of recycled goods, aiming to inspire his community to understand the significance of waste reduction and the origin of their building materials. Matthew's role as an educator seamlessly blends with his work, as he seeks to stimulate creativity and empower individuals to envision and build their own homes. By fostering a mindset of resourcefulness, he encourages others to embark on their own unique journeys of construction, fueling their imagination and inspiring them to turn their visions into reality.

Matthew's commitment to the environment stems from his desire to go back to basics. He values the comfort of nature and finds it important to integrate these traditional elements in the structures he builds. Integrating raw materials such rock and timber from the homeowner’s land is something Matthew also does to educate his community on some of the methods to reduce waste and value the origin of building materials. Matthew and Wheelhouse can inspire people to design their own homes to reflect their personal needs and beliefs. Matthew educates his community on how to bring their creative visions to life by offering current and future homeowners. a two-day workshop, “Envision Your Dream Home.”

”I drive through any town in the United States and look at the many dumpsters I pass, and they're full of materials that really could be used. And most people are just throwing it out because they believe it's more challenging to reuse it economically. At Wheelhouse, we reuse rock, wood, glass, and metal; all really durable materials. They don't require a lot of manufacturing to make them available and will last our customers a long time”, says Matt.

By cultivating organic relationships, Matthew and Wheelhouse are able to guide them at their own pace to make changes to their home that feel right. This approach fosters a strong sense of trustworthiness and community with his clients. These values are incorporated into Matthew’s designs whenever feasible. His upcoming workshop touches on this process in real time. By hosting a virtual event, individuals aspiring to design and construct their dream homes can not only learn useful knowledge, but feel motivated by human connection.

Matthew also envisions collaborating with other organizations to establish a programme for children. This course aims to instill the value of learning a trade and to reduce their dependence on instant gratification, such as video games and excessive internet use. The aim is to engage the children in a goal-oriented fashion, encouraging them to explore other passions and develop skills that bring deep satisfaction. Rather than passively consuming media, the focus will be on active engagement and creating meaningful projects. By partnering with other organizations, Matthew aims to create an enriching experience for children that involves interaction with both their peers and adults, setting them on a path of personal growth and fulfillment.

“I’m trying to educate the younger generation of builders and designers to think consciously about the environment and how they can create a more sustainable world through the choices they make. That’s the beauty of intentional design and it’s why, at Wheelhouse, we think about every choice we make for our clients, so we can give them the home they’ve always dreamed of.”

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