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BioAro Announces Partnership With Hayden Mayeur Aiming Expansion Into Sports Genomics

Last updated Wednesday, May 17, 2023 10:48 ET

BioAro, a Calgary-based biotechnology research company announces its partnership with Hayden Mayeur with an aim to expand its services into Sports Genomics

Alberta, Canada , 05/17/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

The Calgary-based company, BioAro, has recently announced its partnership with Hayden Mayeur, a Long Track Speed Skating athlete in Team Canada, with a vision of expanding their business into sports genomics. The partnership aims to provide advanced sequencing and analysis services for athletes at affordable prices with quick turnaround times. BioAro specializes in pharmacogenetics, microbiome, nutrigenomics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, genomics, precision health, genetic counseling, and sequencing.

Hayden Mayeur & Dr. Anmol Kapoor

The partnership was formed in the last two months and has been a result of Hayden Mayeur’s excellent performance in the world championships held in Europe in March. Mayor is a Team Canada athlete who is training to be a medal contender in speed skating in the Olympics. The partnership with Mayor is an excellent opportunity for BioAro to gain brand recognition among the sports community and provide cutting-edge genomics-based solutions to athletes.

BioAro believes that providing genomically-tailored diet plans, exercise plans, and mental health plans can give athletes the confidence to push themselves beyond their limits. BioAro aims to provide a precision health approach to athletes and help them understand their overall health risks by studying their microbiomes and providing wellness coaching programs. The company believes that understanding athletes' genetic makeup can impact their performance and help them achieve their goals.

BioAro's long-term goal is to expand its sports genomics side of the business and reach out to the sports industry. The company wants to partner with coaches, families, and owners to create awareness about the potential injuries or challenges athletes could face. BioAro wants to expand its sports genomics side of the business and provide services to everyone from low-level to higher levels of sports, including some of the largest sporting corporations around the world.

According to the company, genomics is a powerful tool that can provide valuable feedback to athletes and help them understand their unique metabolism and risk factors. By tailoring exercise and nutrition programs to individual DNA, athletes can gain an extra edge and improve their longevity in sports. This approach recognizes that each team member has their own unique needs and can lead to better performance and injury prevention. Safety is crucial in sports, and genomics can help athletes stay safe and optimize their athletic potential.

"BioAro has been a game changer in my athletic career. With their genetic and microbiome testing, I can make informed decisions based on my own DNA to optimize my nutrition and training. This precision health approach has allowed me to make huge strides forward from even minor changes. Through genetic testing, Dr. Kapoor and the team at BioAro are able to pinpoint certain areas where I may be more at risk of a catastrophic failure, allowing me to make precise decisions in my daily training environment and optimize my performance. I am grateful to have BioAro's support as a high-performance athlete representing Canada on the World Stage", says Hayden Mayeur.

BioAro recognizes the partnership with Hayden Mayeur is an excellent opportunity for the company to expand its business into sports genomics and provide athletes with cutting-edge genomics-based solutions. With the goal of expanding its services to the sports industry, BioAro hopes to create awareness about the potential of genomics in enhancing athletes' performance and overall health.

"As a cardiologist working with various sports players, I have seen how genetic conditions can impact their potential. The science was not there before, but genomics now provides us with solutions to manage these risks and improve outcomes. Safety is paramount in any activity we do, and genomics helps us understand and manage those risks. We are proud to be part of Hayden's journey towards Olympic glory." says Anmol Kapoor, founder of BioAro.


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