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CMN Solutions' Comprehensive Service Improves Access to Health and Nutrition Education in the Community

Last updated Wednesday, May 17, 2023 14:58 ET

CMN Solutions is working to increase people’s access to crucial health and nutrition services by partnering with various government and private institutions.

Jersey City, New Jersey, 05/17/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Comprehensive Medical Nutrition (CMN) Solutions has created a business model that improves people's access to important health and nutrition services in the community, by partnering with private and public entities, including local, county, state, and Federal governments.

CMN Solutions is a woman- and minority-owned small business that was founded in 2017 by Anita Jalloh, a former Division 1 athlete who holds bachelor's degrees in Communications and Food and Nutrition, as well as a master's degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, leading to clinical experience in chronic diseases, such as heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes.

In its work with governments, CMN Solutions is contracted to provide knowledge and access to public health services, to include employee wellness services. This includes health literacy and health equity programs, which takes a proactive approach in educating the public, in a more inclusive environment. It draws on Jalloh's two-pronged background in communications and nutrition, as well as her team's capability to communicate bilingually, to deliver health information in an easy-to-understand manner that allows people to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. CMN Solutions also provides nutrition counseling and health education to individuals, small groups, and the general public, focusing on the healthy relationship with food and chronic disease prevention. For virtual consultation, it uses a third-party HIPAA-compliant platform to deliver Telehealth and nutrition services.

“We are primarily working with decision-makers, such as government authorities in multiple cities in the State of New Jersey. That's why it's important to have strong relationships to deliver important services. Whenever we have ideas that will benefit the public, we approach those decision-makers and so far, we have never been turned down,” Jalloh says.

CMN Solutions aims to scale its business by partnering with more organizations on all levels of government. In her years of work in the sector, Jalloh identified the need to bring onboard more clinical staff, such as board-certified physicians and nurses. With a larger clinical team, CMN Solutions will be able to scale its reach and deliver trusted medical and health advice to the public. In addition to providing healthcare professionals with a DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) framework to better equip them with delivering services to a diverse range of patients.”

“I believe the sky's the limit if we have both clinical staff and community staff when delivering public health services, because people believe doctors. I have a number of credentials, but I'm not a doctor, so having board-certified physicians come onboard will help us become a more complete organization,” Jalloh says.

Aligning with her work in public health, Jalloh also established PopUp Vending, a vending machine business that focuses on providing healthy alternatives to the traditional sugar-laden food and beverages sold in vending machines. The goal of this venture is to work with all levels of government and to provide services on commercial properties, increasing the public's access to healthy food alternatives.

“As a public health strategist, I have a deep understanding of the public sphere, and I am working with health authorities to figure out how to approach the looming health crisis. One approach CMN Solutions has identified is the urgency to assist institutions with creating a DEI framework to train specific audiences to deliver better care and more inclusive services. This is an aspect that I really enjoy.” she says.

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