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Kintsugi Global Launches Domains.anime, Bringing Together Anime and Manga Fans on a Single Platform

Last updated Wednesday, May 17, 2023 10:49 ET

Kintsugi Global’s new platform, Domains.anime, allows users to purchase .anime and .manga web3 domains, serving as online identities and personal websites for fans of anime and manga.

Los Angeles, California, 05/17/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Kintsugi Global, Inc. has launched Domains.anime, a digital marketplace that allows users to purchase .anime and .manga web3 domains, bringing together anime and manga fans from all over the world into a unified online platform.

The platform, established in partnership with Unstoppable Domains, will allow anime and manga creators in Japan to be in direct contact with their fan community. Creators can engage with fans through various activities such as live chats, Q&A sessions, and drawing sessions. This can be a powerful tool for anime and manga creators, as they can reach out to potentially untapped markets overseas, as well as gauge public interest in their work, leading to new merchandising ideas for particular IPs.

According to Ronald Scovil, chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Kintsugi, the platform will be a one-stop shop for both creators and fans. The platform will make the whole range of what's available in Japan available for the rest of the world. Fans will be able to find more ways to express their interest and support of a particular title, artist, or IP.

Following the launch of Domains.anime, fans can join and purchase their personal web3 domains with .anime or .manga domain extensions, with either fiat or crypto currencies. The purchase is a one-time fee, with no annual renewals, with prices ranging from $40 for the basic level to $1 million for the rarest ones. These domains can be used as the owner's personal websites, as well as hosting their digital wallets, providing them with a customized name with which to receive electronic payments. If the domain is valuable enough, users can also sell it like an NFT.

The personal domains will be the users' exclusive log-in credentials for Kintsugi's platform, which will offer a wide variety of services, including manga subscriptions, anime streaming, games, e-commerce stores, and various other experiential features. The platform also has a social aspect, allowing anime and manga fans around the world to get in touch with each other and bond over their shared interests.

Scovil says that, if enough fan interest is generated in a particular IP, this could lead to a new animated series or manga being greenlit, due to the creators having a presence on the platform, which can also be used as a crowdfunding tool.

“Due to the transparent nature of web3 and blockchain,our users will also find that they have a huge amount of control over their data as well as see where the crowdfunding money is going to. Gone are the days where the fans and users are the product, like some other social media platforms. Our users have full control over their data and what they want to share with us. That domain will become their digital identity for the metaverse. Once they have that particular ID, it's interoperable with almost every other web3 platform around. And, because Unstoppable Domains has so many partnerships, it's going to be compatible with around 95% of all of the other existing web3-based platforms, and even others that are still being built.”

Scovil says that, despite anime and manga's global popularity, many creators in Japan struggle to earn a living commensurate with the time and effort they dedicate to their craft. Through this platform, Kintsugi aims to connect creators and fans to create a more equitable experience.

“The primary goal and mission of the company is to connect the fans to their favorite creators, in essence allowing fans to directly support some of their favorite titles, which will help raise wages and improve the conditions for the overall anime and manga industry.”

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