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Web3 Pro is innovating the future of community marketing for brands.

Last updated Wednesday, May 17, 2023 10:47 ET

Web3 Pro has developed an online Hub for companies to directly connect with consumers and offer them a more personalized experience.

Palo Alto, CA, 05/17/2023 / SubmitMyPR /

Web3 Pro is developing web 3.0 marketing campaigns to create community engagement platforms aimed at improving customer experience and boosting business outreach in improved branding practices.

Web3 Pro’s The Hub platform is an all-in-one marketing engagement partner for companies to build better marketing, PR and community management initiatives. The platform enables businesses to achieve higher customer engagement and profit returns through a simple three step process. The Hub achieves this process by converging social media concepts into their own online space where people and business owners can meet in one place. AI technology that is integrated into the webpage will then analyze user behaviors, preferences and influential traits to deliver personalisation at scale. Through the analysis process The Hub provisions personalized experiences while offering rewards to each user.

Currently, clients of Web3 Pro have achieved nine times more online engagement to their businesses and five times more purchase consideration compared to their monthly base line. The Hub, as Web3 Pro calls it, is a proven alternative to low performing advertisement strategies and is driving improved targeting and consumer engagement. This tool also empowers companies to directly communicate with existing and future customers.

Web3 Pro works with many different major global brands and is a pioneer in developing innovative web 3.0 technologies. These technologies give major brands, marketing agencies, creative agencies and their clients the jet fuel to successfully utilize the new era of web 3.0 community marketing. A key feature of the platform is the launch of the curated digital assets experience. With The Hub, companies can launch their own branded digital assets campaign wherein customers are able to trade and enjoy the digital assets even if they have no existing knowledge of the technology.

With traditional forms of advertising on the decline, The Hub developed by Web3 Pro is paving the way for a new form of generating sales by enabling people to have more control of what is being marketed to them. People will now have a voice to direct their favorite brands as to what they want to buy and how they want to be reached. Web3 Pro aims to work with more luxury brands, as they have already proven themselves as the key component to the future of branding and marketing. When businesses begin working with Web3 Pro, they can have The Hub operating at full capacity within as little as two weeks.

Web3 Pro is growing their offering of community engagement tools with a brand/consumer co-creation feature being released this summer and others to come. Their MarTech, SaaS product is leading the market in establishing industry standards for more efficient marketing and brand strategy. With even more features on the horizon for release by Web3 Pro, it seems the future of community marketing is upon us.

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